TGIF and my Crochet-a-thon

29 08 2008

It has been a long week for me.  I don’t know how we’re ever going to find a car and/or new place unless life calms down a for a while!  Hmmm…  My calendar does not indicate any lulls in the near future.

Tonight is the last stretch of Annie’s Crochet-a-thon.  I know I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’ve been cranking out an afghan for a friend’s baby shower (which is tomorrow) pretty much at light speed.  Don’t worry.  The quality will not suffer, and the amount of love I’m pouring into it will not be minimized.  The sleep I get – well that’s a different story!

Didn’t get ANY done last night, since Ry and I attended Back to School night.  I got to meet that awesome teacher who has email and a webpage.  He’s SO organized!  I hope he rubs off on my daughter…   She needed some last-minute help finishing up some homework after we got back.  Then, the kitchen was screaming for some tidying up, the litter box needed a changing, and the laundry had to be moved from the wash to the dryer.   I got to bed sorta late. 

Anyway, TGIF!  I hope you have some fun plans.

It’s me and my hook tonight.

I can’t wait until the blankie’s finished, so I can WRAP IT!  That’s my favorite part.

God bless!




4 responses

29 08 2008

Lifting you up, friend. We are leaving today for family camp (which I am co-chair of) so my stress level is at peak capacity. Should be a fun weekend once things get going, but I’m sure I’ll be wanting to self-medicate before the weekend is over. I’m back monday. I’d love to hear how the trip to the coast went! love you..s.

29 08 2008

Oh yes! I will post about that, once I have a chance to upload the photos from my camera.

Hope you have a wonderful camping trip this weekend! No stress allowed while camping! I love you!

30 08 2008

Speaking of posting pics… you should take one of said baby blankey so you can show us your creation. 🙂
Have a great Labor Day!


30 08 2008

My older sister makes blankets for people who are having babies… there have been lots of births in my family lately – thus, lots of knitting. I also knit sometimes, but only scarfs… I should learn how to crochet… hmm 🙂

Anyways, I hope you have a blessed Sunday and Monday! Hurray for long weekends!

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