PPT – Law enforcement

2 09 2008

Today, for Positive Post Tuesday, I want to highlight law enforcement officers.

I think these men and women deserve more respect and appreciation than they get, in most cases.  Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Deputies, Park Rangers, Game Wardens, City Police…  They all put their lives on the line on a daily basis.  They really do!



Since I work for Fish and Game, I know a lot of Wardens.  In fact, when I graduated from college, I thought I wanted to be one.  I almost enrolled into the academy.  What stopped me?  Providence.  My eyesight was not up to par.  I guess they don’t want people out there in the woods, carrying a gun, without a minimal level of vision.  I found another opportunity with the Department, and I’ve realized that being a Warden is not what I’d thought.  It can be a dangerous job.  Think about it.  The criminals you are after are often armed, sometimes intoxicated, and always caught off guard.  Poachers are money-driven, sneaky, and disrespectful of nature.  A Warden is the last person they want to see.  And aside from the potential danger, these officers are required to work holidays, nights, and on call hours – not exactly condusive to family life…  And as peace officers, it is not uncommon for Wardens to back up other law enforcement for things like drug busts.  No thank you!

I am glad that there are folks out there who are cut out for and even enjoy such a job.  What would our world be like without them?  Chaos – that’s what.  If you watch the news and think these are scary times, imagine how much worse it would be without law enfocement working to protect the innocent.

Next time you have the chance, don’t be shy to thank an officer for what they do.

(Today’s local paper has an article about Wardens.  Check it out, if you have time:  http://www.sacbee.com/101/story/1202686.html)

God bless!




3 responses

2 09 2008

I am the first to comment on your blog today! How about that?
Everytime I hear a siren I think of the people in that vehicle that are risking their lives to help someone. They are special people.
What I have a problem with are the people with the sirens that are blaring and the lights that are flashes behind me on the freeway! They can’t be trying to pull me over… could they?

2 09 2008

Great PPT Annie. I did as you talked about just the other day. There was a sheriff who was so helpful to my kiddos and I. Just really went out of his way to help. Even checked back in on us later on. Respectful, resourceful, and a blessing. So, instead of just saying thanks, I called his superior up and told him the officer’s name and what a wonderful experience we had. You should have heard his voice. He was shocked! Finally, he kind of stumbled out a “Well… thank you ma’am. Thank you very much. Um, we uh, we don’t get to hear a lot of positive feeback so that really does mean a lot to us.” It was a good reminder for me, too. Everybody needs a word of encouragement now and again, huh?! 🙂

2 09 2008

Yay, Mom!

And Melody, that is really awesome.

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