Um. Hooked, maybe?

5 09 2008


My husband is taking me on a “little” trip.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for most of its existence know that this will be our second magical vacation of 2008!  How many crazy people do this twice in one year?

We’re leaving in 10 days.

I am SOOOO excited.




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6 09 2008

That’s a wonderful picture. Hope you have a great time. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

6 09 2008

What ???
So Cool!
Say Hi to the Tiki Room for me!

6 09 2008

haha, fun fun! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

6 09 2008

Ooooo this sounds like a blast. We’ll be praying for safety, peace, and joy on your “magic getaway!”
Do bring back pics for us to see. 🙂

6 09 2008

so is it so cal. or fl., or over sea’s. Hope you have a great trip! were do you by your milk? fyi you can get it the 99cent store for 1/2 gallon. that is setting at $2 bucks a gal. i am hoping for the day of $1.00 less a gal. Just started blogging my self so any helpful hints you can give me i am open, take care and have a great time.

6 09 2008


Welcome to blogging, Sherry! I buy milk for $2.75 at Save Mart. Gas here is at about $3.75… (Nor Cal)

7 09 2008

we live in so cal one kid lives in FL. anohter in GA., just got back form there last sunday hope you miss the weather that is coming that way. Is save mart like walmart?

7 09 2008

No, Save Mart used to be Albertsons here. All the Albertsons (in our area) switched over to Save Marts… It’s actually better because the prices are lower and they have more natural food products! No complaining here!

7 09 2008

soooooooo lucky!!!!

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