Handy tip for girls (or guys with long hair)

8 09 2008

I learned this great tip from my friend Nicci last week.  I told her I was going to blog about it, so I am.

Here goes…

Have you ever found yourself driving or riding in the car and realized that you don’t have a hair tie with you?  It’s hot (or you just straightened your locks), and you want to pull back a ponytail.  Maybe you don’t have A/C, and the windows are down?  Whatever the situation, I have a potential answer.

Don’t you have one of these in your car?



Doesn’t everyone?

That old air freshener that doesn’t even have any fragrance left?  Does it trick you into thinking your vehicle still smells like vanilla?  Do you just think it looks cool or something? 

Well, be glad you have it, because I bet you didn’t know that it comes with a bonus hair tie! 

And you probably thought that elastic was just to hang it from…

(Love ya, Nicci!)




3 responses

8 09 2008

hilarious and handy!

8 09 2008

Lol. So, I know you are suggesting only the use of the elastic part, but wouldn’t it be funny to see a sudden new movement of people using car air fresheners as ponytail holders?! I can just see it (and smell it) now. Tee hee.

8 09 2008

haha, good one!

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