back to the grind

21 09 2008

I’ve missed all of my bloggy friends for the past week!  Tonight, I’ll try to catch up with each.  It’s hard to switch from vacation mode back into regular life…  Tomorrow, I go back to work, and I don’t feel mentally prepared to handle it.  Please pray for me.

The beautiful Orlando skies...

The beautiful Orlando skies...

We had a really fun time.  I highly recommend a FREE Disney Dining Plan, if you can finagle it.  We did.  It was awesome.  I’m familiar with 3 different resorts on the property, now, and I am quite certain that the NEXT time we go there, we will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Had breakfast there, and it was so cool.  We met a lot of friendly families from all over the place, took a backstage tour of the Magic Kingdom, and got a bunch of cool photos and souvenirs.  We are happy to be home with our little ones, now.  Thankful for the time away, the safe travel, and the opportunity to meet this cute fella:

All for now.  God bless.




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22 09 2008

Missed you!!! Glad you are home. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

22 09 2008

Annie – So very glad you had a safe trip and what sounds like an incredibly fun one, too. I for sure will be praying for you as you transition back into “regular life” and work this week. It can be hard to readjust and not get a bummed out Eeoyery (ya know, from Pooh Bear) cloud hanging overhead. 🙂 May the Lord send you many pleasant reminders of your getaway all throughout the week.
Blessings and prayers – Melody

22 09 2008

Oh, I forgot to say how much I like the new header image – very fallish. Nice choice. 🙂

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