TGIF and a really big boat

26 09 2008

It’s Friday, and I am ready for the weekend…  Tomorrow, I get to visit with my old neighbor, Valerie!  Love her.  And Sunday is MUSIC BUILDS!  I cannot wait.

Now, a little tidbit about yesterday.  I had the opportunity to board one of these:


Long Wharf, Chevron Richmond Refinery (CA)


It’s hard to describe how gigantic these oil tankers are.  Yeah, they look big in a photo, but I’m telling you, this picture doesn’t tell the whole story!  I basically got a fantastic educational tour of the vessel from one of my coworkers – from up in the bridge to down in the engine room (can you say earplugs?).  I asked if I could hire whomever cleans their floors; they were immaculate.  My coworker does regular inspections on these bad boys.  He kept apologizing, like it was boring for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!  We checked all their certifications and contingency plans, asked them to demonstrate their functioning alarm system, and talked a lot with the ship master about the Cosco Busan.

You know how sometimes, you’ll have an experience that makes you “realize” how SMALL the world is?  Have you ever had the opposite happen?  Yesterday, I felt like I just realized that it’s a GREAT BIG world.  When you see and meet people that are working in such a specialized capacity, it’s a reminder of just how many people there are, doing different things in life.  Crazy.

I love my job.

Enjoy today.

God bless.


UPDATE:  Found a photo of the ACTUAL vessel I met yesterday…




4 responses

26 09 2008

Wow Annie. That looks enormous, even in the photo, so I can just imagine actually being on it. The tour sounds really cool actually. You know the best part?! How much you enjoy your job overall. I am so happy for you about that. God is so very good to us. What a blessing that He’s provided you with a position you truly love. Your enthusiasm and spirit makes me smile.
Hope you all have a blessed weekend – Melody

26 09 2008
Dan Ray

Thanks for describing the photo as the actual boat and not mis-using literally to describe the photo. Like, “I literally found the photo of the boat I was on yesterday” Not that you would ever do that.

When I taught waterskiing on the Sacramento River Delta we used to drive our boats up to those tankers as they headed for port and try to touch them. It was scary.

– dan

26 09 2008

I agree with Melody. It is so encouraging to hear how much you love your job. I am so glad for you. I still cannot comprehend something that big that stays on the water…

Love you, Barb

26 09 2008

What about “basically” up there? Probably should have left that out. Doesn’t really fit, and I knew that when I wrote it. For some reason, I kept it anyway.

Ah, grammar! Gotta love it.

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