3 10 2008

I am so excited that we can expect some RAIN tonight and tomorrow!

Rain clouds rolling into A-town.

Rain clouds rolling into A-town.

I know I’ve written about this before, but I just love wet weather.  I feel energized, inspired, and motivated to be productive.  This afternoon, I plan to clean my filthy house and help my daughter work on her Egypt project that is due on Monday.  Tomorrow, more of the Egypt project, another blood donation, and maybe I’ll even make soup.  Or bake cookies.

It smells so good outside…

Welcome fall.  Welcome, welcome, welcome!




9 responses

3 10 2008
My World As I See It

I love the fall! It makes me feel like cooking and that is very unusal!!

4 10 2008

ohh rain, we need some of that out here!

It’s cold though here so thats nice.

4 10 2008

always good to seem those clouds roll into auburn, its such a Fall feeling of no more heat and some amazing sunsets…

4 10 2008

Me, too, Erin.

Kristin, cold is good.

Randy, we had a gorgeous sunset the other night; you are right about those.

4 10 2008

I had to look all over the web to find that pic, Annie! It’s a great shot! Makes me miss home…

4 10 2008

rain always makes me want to cuddle up under a blanket and watch movies! if i had had your response to it, I would’ve liked living in Seattle a lot more *grin*

4 10 2008

did you get rain? “they” said we’d get it down here, but nothing showed! i’m so bummed!

4 10 2008

Yes, it did come! I would have liked to see more of it, but at least it’s still cloudy and cool… Our Egyptian pyramid model is almost finished.

5 10 2008

Great pic. Fall is wonderful. Good luck with the Egypt project.
Soup…cookies… man, I wish I could come over. 🙂 Sounds gooood!

Be blessed – Melody

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