The Ancient Egypt project

5 10 2008

These things are always a family affair.  It was the same way with the 4th grade California Mission project.  We don’t do it FOR her, but we still end up doing (and spending) a lot!  I am always thinking about the kids who don’t have the family support for these things…  Luckily, Ryv’s teacher is well aware that not all of his students have the same resources at home.  Still, it must be so much harder for the ones who don’t have the internet or money to get the materials they want.

Tomorrow morning, Ryvre is turning in a book full of Ancient Egypt reports, research, and puzzles that she has completed.  On top of those required items, she is adding in an interview she did with my friend (who is from Egypt) – as a modern comparison to the ancient.  She also added some photos she found online of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.  The book cover has to be “authentic” looking.  We used a binder and covered it with burlap.  We had to cover EVERY LITTLE PART of the binder so that no plastic or metal shows!

We used masking tape to cover the rings.

We used masking tape to cover the rings.

Then, there is the pyramid model.  It’s 2X2′ at the base.  We made it from styrofoam.  This one took some thought, but I think it turned out nice.



We're going to lay sand paper to cover the wooden base.

We're going to lay sand paper to cover the wooden base.

And that’s where it’s at!  I think she’ll get an A, and I think she deserves it.  She only shed a couple of tears in frustration the whole time, and I am really happy that she is going for the extra credit on her book.

(Personally, I’ll be glad to see her done with all of this!  It’s hard (although fun) work.)

God bless.




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5 10 2008

That looks great! I bet she will get an A; it’s fabulous! She is flipping us all off in the first picture though… gotta work on those manners 😉

5 10 2008

wow… and I thought keeping up with kindergarten homework was hard!

it looks really good! I am sure she’ll get an A!

6 10 2008

Good Job, Ryv (and Annie & Ry)! Let us know how you do! P.S. I’m coming up on Friday until Sunday AM. Let’s get together, yeahyeahyeah!

6 10 2008

We just finished out first official school project. Meah had to write a report on Mercury and for extra credit she could bring a model of Mercury or the solar system. We decided that rather than bring in a tiny painted styrofoam ball for Mercury to do the solar system. We made a mobile that she’ll be able to hang in her room later. It turned out awesome and when it was finished I was worried that I’d helped her too much. But I decided that it was okay since she did a lot of the work and that it was actually good that we’d worked on it together. Then I had the same thoughts you did about the kids who didn’t have a parent around to help and offer suggestions.

Great job Nelson Family! I’m sure Ryvre will get the A, and if not, at least you guys all had a good time working together!
Love ya!

6 10 2008

That is awesome! So much work isn’t it?! Good for you guys doing it together. You are a wonderful family. What a blessing to see such love, encouragement, and support for one another. Yeah!

God Bless – Melody

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