Three Years Ago, Today…

7 10 2008


It was going to be a busy day, full of unknowns and yet, expectations.

My “due date” was coming up in four days.

I had three scheduled doctor appointments to go.

My first appointment was for an ultrasound.  Dr. Fuller had been monitoring my unborn second child for about a month, once a week.  He wanted to be sure we were not running out of fluid.  My pregnant belly was not increasing in size, nor was I putting on any weight.  (Just because I wasn’t getting bigger didn’t mean the baby wasn’t!)  This time, the measurements came out below our extablished lower limit. 

Translation in my mind:  I think I was just issued a new due date.

I prayerfully arrived at the hospital for my second one: a non-stress test.  I’d been going in for these twice a week, as another precaution.  This one had favorable results, just like all the rest.  Whew!  Unfortunately, my blood pressure had crept up, much to the dismay of my physician.  Hospital staff insisted on escorting me out to my car in a wheel chair.

I was doomed.

My third appointment was with my doctor.  He took one look at the day’s test results and said, “So, do you want to go in tonight?  or wait until the morning?”  I smiled and decided to try to get one more good night’s sleep before bringing on the wrath that is pitocin.

Any males still reading this:  don’t worry.  I’m don’t intend to detail my son’s birth story.  It’s just that these are the memories that come flooding back every year.  The uncertainty.  The fear.  And I just praise the Lord with a thankful heart for the wonderful, healthy boy that He placed in my care the next day! 

PPT message: 

For anybody who is struggling with the unknown today, there is one thing that is always constant:  God is in control.  He knows what is best, and He always has a purpose.  That doesn’t guarantee the answers will be what we want to hear every time, but it does free us to lay our burdens and worries at His feet and put our trust in Him.

God bless.




4 responses

7 10 2008

Annie – What a wonderful post. And praise God for watching over your precious boy! God is in control, even when we don’t understand. Amen to trusting Him!

God bless – Melody

7 10 2008

Beautiful Annie…..Thank you for sharing that. You are so right. He is always in control and always knows whats best for us.
Have a great day.


7 10 2008

What a great reminder… plus memories of childbirth and the events surrounding them are so vivid..aren’t they? Every year on our bdays my mom tells us the whole story of our birth It was always one of my favorite things about my bday…

7 10 2008

Kate – yes – those are indeed some of the most vivid memories I keep. And I treasure them!

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