Happy Birthday, Malachi!

8 10 2008

This child has brought immeasurable joy into my life.  I know a few others who can testify the same.

I cannot get over how quickly babies become kids.  My son is soaking up life, learning new things every day, and is more than half my height…  (has been for a year)

His new thing these days is “making food.”  He found an internet game suite that involves making pancakes, brownies, vegetable salad, spring rolls, etc…  And this enjoyment has moved into our real kitchen, where he is constantly wanting to help me with dinner or just make something.  I absolutely adore that about him.  At such a young age, I have to be creative sometimes on how he can help, but he’s happy just getting to pour things into a bowl or pot.  And he always says, “Thanks, Momma!” with great enthusiasm.  I am telling you, it is priceless.

He’s my grocery shopping buddy, my new cooking partner, and always my little bug.  Sometimes, he catches me just staring at him with this stupid smile on my face.  He always tries to snap me out of it by growling or attempting to wrestle me down.  He can, actually.  Wrestle me down.  But sometimes, I just cannot get beyond the immense blessing that he is to me on a daily basis.  Sometimes, I feel like I could just stare at him all day.

I am truly thankful to God for adding this member to our family three years ago.  He’s a perfect fit.  We are all crazy about him, and we look forward to celebrating his birth tonight at the park with more family.

Happy October 8, my friends!

God bless.




4 responses

8 10 2008

I hope Mal has a wonderful birthday!! That second picture of him is hilarious!

8 10 2008

Happy Birthday Mal! have a great time at the park!

8 10 2008

What a tender post and adorable pics. Praying your sweetie pie has a wonderfully blessed day!

8 10 2008

Happy Birthday to him!

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