Feeding People

9 10 2008

Over the years, I have learned something about myself:  I love to feed people.



This is probably a good thing, since I am the one who does all the cooking at home.  Or, maybe this is WHY I do all the cooking…!  I make my daughter’s lunch every morning (and used to do the same thing for Ryan when he worked).  I enjoy hosting product parties, Christmas get-togethers, and birthday bashes – all of which I take advantage of to serve food.  Last night’s birthday bash was no different.  I made sandwiches, wraps, potato salad, and fruit salad for about 24 people.  Family members asked if they could bring anything, but I wanted to do it all!

What’s wrong with me?

Is that a Love Language?  Feeding people?  I am sure it fits into one or more of those categories.

It’s a year-round obsession, but it’s especially strong in the fall.  As I mentioned before, the turn of weather makes me want to cook.  I find myself desiring to find just the right recipe.  For what?  I don’t know.  Maybe I should throw another party.

Excuse me now, as I go read my entire cookbook collection.




7 responses

9 10 2008

Annie. Girl. We have more in common than just the name. 🙂 I feel the SAME WAY! I just asked my mom the other day if it was a spiritual gift to love having people at my house and to feed them! HA! Let me know if you come across any awesome recipes.

9 10 2008

Hospitality is a gift and you (both) have it!

9 10 2008

you know, you can always send me some food *grin*

10 10 2008

i love to be fed :o)

14 10 2008

Annie – Me, too girl!!! And it does kick into a whole other gear especially once fall hits! Too cute. I read this and was like… yea, yea, exactly. So fun. Not just the cooking and baking, but the having a house full of guests to cook and fix and care for. I LOVE it! I used to think I was weird. From now on I will just let myself know I have a “feed ’em” spiritual gift. Ha!


Man, if only I lived closer. We could “tear it up” in the kitchen. 🙂

14 10 2008

Annie Downs, Melody Milbrandt and I MUST THROW A PARTY someday.

(Looks like we already have some RSVPs, too!)

18 10 2008

No way! I totally do that too! Last year I was always inviting people over for little parties and this year I’ve been baking cookies and pies just about non-stop. Once last summer I did a Lord-of-the-Rings themed party and made all the meals associated with the Hobbits! It was so much fun ^_^

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