I was 13 all over again…

10 10 2008

I’m not kidding.

Make fun, if you will, but I still love these guys!

Last night, four friends and I indulged in the New Kids (reunited) with thousands of other “thirty-somethings,” screaming, dancing, holding up signs…  It was a blast!  And they still look as good as ever.  They sang some of their new stuff and a whole bunch of the old stuff.  We still remembered all the words!

My friend, Christina, and I were always big Jordan Knight fans.  We stood side by side, in awe of the show.

Until we saw this:

Her hands...  on our man!

Her hands... on our man!

We both looked at each other simultaneously, with looks of disgust and vengeance.  Okay, maybe it was a little bit of jealousy…  But we got over it.  (Isn’t he so cute, though?)

I’m such a dork.

I told my daughter that when she goes to see the Jonas Brothers in concert when she is 30, she’ll understand why I’ve been acting differently today.

Anyway, this closes out my concert season for 2008.  Jo Bros, Music Builds, and NKOTB.  And I don’t think I’d seen a live show for over 5 years before this!  It’s been a good year.  A great year.

Ok, all you New Kids fans…  who’s YOUR fave?

(I’ll put more pictures on my facebook, for those of you – ahem, Emily, Hope, and Noel – who are interested.)




12 responses

11 10 2008

That’s so awesome that you gals were able to go! As for my favorite New Kid, it was of course Joey Joe. I was totally going to marry him…and Fred Savage.

11 10 2008

C’mon. I know there are more of you out there…

12 10 2008

ahhh:) I was taken back to middle school as soon as I opened this up! I remember my friends and I blasting their songs in my basement while we skated around with the light low (we had a concrete floor) and we were just swept up in the mood of LOVE… so funny. I think I still have a T-shirt proudly displaying their faces! I was taken with Jon (did I hear he’s now gay?) I always had a knack for choosing the right guy-ha:)

12 10 2008

Paula Abdul

12 10 2008

Sorry… I was actually hanging out w/ you IN PERSON and couldn’t get back to Merced to comment until now! (thanks for the coffee and conversation w/ Mal!)
My fave was always Donny. I’m a sucker for a red-headed boy (don’t tell Ken!) 🙂 J/K!

12 10 2008

Kate – I still have my t-shirt, too!
Dan – Paula counts.
Steph – So good to see you. Hope you had fun. How was church?

13 10 2008

I was always a Joey fan. In my 13/14 year old world I thought it made more sense (and gave me a bigger chance) to have a crush on the 16 year old. Plus, there’s something about the name Joe that I just love. Jordan was always a cutie though. I’m glad you went, and thanks for the update. And I love that I’m not the only dork around!

14 10 2008

Ha. My sis and I were just talking about NKOTB. She was always a HUGE fan. And let it be said, (according to my little sis Amanda) that OF COURSE Jordan is the awesomest!!! Notice that’s IS the awesomest, not was. Tee hee. She is going with all her girlfriends to their show in Nov. and she cannot wait. She emails me a new song, video, or article link practically every week ’cause she is so excited about it. She just had her b-day and my mom and her work in the same office. All the gals there decorate everyone’s cube (when it is their birthday) so… on Amanda’s b-day, my mom went in early with boxes full of her old NKOTB stuff. My sister didn’t even know mom still had it. She got there and couldn’t believe it. Giant buttons, poster, T-shirts, mugs, keychains, pillow cases (now, office chair “slipcovers”), and on and on, plastered everywhere. It was so great! All the gals were gathered around talking about who was/is their fav, what song they liked best, who was going to the show. Too cute! There’s like one guy in this office full of women. And let’s just say he had a very, very, VERY long day. HA!

14 10 2008

Melody – you can tell your sister that she will NOT be disappointed!

29 10 2008

My favorite is Joey – and he still looks so good!

21 11 2008
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