Elizabeth, the Diabetic Kitty

16 10 2008

Today, we found out that “our” cat has diabetes.


Apparently, they can get it.  I learn something new every day!

And now Ryan and our four-legged, 10+ year old friend have something significant in common.

Elizabeth does not actually belong to us.  She is our friend’s cat.  His allergies got crazy out of control, so we became a feline foster family a few years ago.  She’s a sweet kitty, but she spends most of her time under our bed.  She drinks a lot of water and makes stinky messes in her box.  I try to encourage her to go outside, but she doesn’t walk well – which is why I asked Ry to take her to the vet.  Now, our friend has to decide whether he wants to pay for Elizabeth’s diabetic care or ???

I know I can’t afford it.

I don’t mean to sound cold, but I don’t know if I can handle giving her shots every day.  And what happens when we go out of town?  Who will do it, then?

I don’t mean to sound heartless, but I’m not paying for a special diet, either.  Our friend will have to cough that up.  He can afford it, but does he want to?  That’s the question.

And his answer will decide whether we still have a cat in our home.

I don’t mean to sound mean.  Maybe Dear Old Liz would be better off in Kitty Heaven with Cedar?

Advice, anyone?




7 responses

17 10 2008

I think you are being a little hard on yourself, Salami. It is not unreasonable to ask a man to care for his own cat’s needs, regardless of where the cat is living. His response will probably depend largely on whether he views Elizabeth as a pet or as a member of the family.
This can’t be fun, either way. love you guys!

17 10 2008

Oh, of course. It’s not that we haven’t “asked” him. He was at the vet appointment with Ryan, even. He just needs to decide if he’s gonna continue paying for her stuff. It’s like $1000 to get her started on meds! And if he decides not to do it… I just don’t know what will happen.

17 10 2008

My goodness Annie. That is a lot of money. I regretably don’t have any great advice, but I did want you to know I see your points here and I will be praying for you all. I know the Lord cares about our hearts and feelings with pets just like He does everything else in our lives. I am asking Him to prepare you each for whatever the decision is and be with you in it.

Hugs – Melody

18 10 2008

That’s sad. But I can’t really blame you..kitty heaven is probably really nice, right?

18 10 2008
Raquel TWG

This is a song for your diabetic kitty
She can’t eat sugar and she needs shots too
But if I sing to your diabetic kitty
She will feel better in a day or two!

Man, Veggie Tales will never get old. If you’ve never heard the song of the Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps you’re probably very confused. Hehe. But I agree, kitty heaven seems pretty nice. $1000 is a lot of money.

18 10 2008

Thanks for the laugh, Raquel!

We’re still waiting on our friend’s decision. I talked to the vet yesterday, and she said that if our friend is unwilling to fund her care, our alternative would be to “wait until she’s feeling really crummy and put her to sleep.”

WAIT until she feels crummy??? I guess that makes humans feel more justified in ending a pet’s life, but I have mixed feelings about that. I don’t want to drag it out, you know? How do we know how much pain she is already in? She can’t tell us. Her funny walk indicates she’s suffering from neuropathy; you can ask Ryan about how great that feels. Even the cat-hater feels really bad for Elizabeth right now.

Stay tuned.

12 11 2008
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