20 10 2008


A beloved and trusted family member once told me that there is absolutely no reason to consume an egg yolk.  The white is where it’s at – pure protein.  That yellow stuff is full of cholesterol and fat.

I took this information to heart, and for the past few years, I’ve been eating pretty much only the whites of eggs.  If I scramble a batch, I’ll leave a couple of yolks in…  Maybe 2 out of 6.  I do the same with egg salad.  You know, for color and consistency.  If I’m just eating a boiled egg, though, I joyfully and guiltlessly drop that center into the trash!

When I was a kid, my mom frequently boiled eggs for snacks.  I have this memory of being at the beach (probably Huntington) with my mom and brother and some friends, and we’d brought this particular snack.  I didn’t want to eat the yolk.  It’s dry and crumbly, and it doesn’t really have a desirable flavor…  But Mom told me I HAD TO EAT IT.  It was wasteful to just eat the white! 

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to discover as an adult that tossing the yolk was not wasteful, after all; it was smart.

Now, imagine my disappointment when I stumbled upon this article this morning.  Yes, it’s from 2005.  About the time that I started having my egg whites, fried in olive oil on whole wheat toast for breakfast every Sunday. 


So, how do you like YOUR eggs?




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20 10 2008

This is why I am a skeptic, almost to a fault. I trust little of what anyone tells me without further investigation.

20 10 2008
Raquel TWG

I like my eggs fried, with the yolk still liquidy in the middle. Yum.
I’ve always liked the yolk (:

20 10 2008

I’ve always loved the yolk, so I’ve always preferred my eggs fried and not scrambled. As for boiled eggs, the middle is my favorite part :o)

20 10 2008

Fried over hard – no squishy bits
this topic goes back and forth every few years – I think it depends on who is sponsoring the “current” study. Eat what you like.
Ken’s assistant CC coach has an 80/20 rule (or is it 60/40). 80% of what you eat should be really good for you – proper balance of carbs/ protiens/ nutrients – and the other 20 can be whatver you want!

30 10 2008
Emily Q

Wonderful! I’ve been throwing away the whites for sometime now. Turns out that the yolks of an egg are the best food for babies too, they are the easiest to digest and full of the most helpful nutrients. Jordan has been eating two soft boiled, locally grown (just around the corner) egg yolks every morning since he’s been on solids. Add in a pinch of sea salt to aid in the development of the mylin sheaths-the neuron coverings which provide for quick messages being sent to and from the transmitters in his brain and it’s the perfect food! So glad you’re eating them again 🙂

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