PPT – French Eric

21 10 2008

I love Facebook.

One of my favorite things in life is re-connecting with people that have been a part of my life at some point.  I enjoy seeing how they’ve changed (or not changed) and hearing about where they have taken their life.  Seeing photos of their children, learning about their line of work, listening to their future goals…  Finding things or even friends that we now have in common…

I guess I just love people.



Today, for Positive Post Tuesday, I want to lift up Eric Thienot.  When I got his “friend request” recently on Facebook, I had no idea who he was!  His profile pic is silly, and for the life of me, I couldn’t think of anyone I know that lives in France.  Was it a hoax?  Would I get a virus if I accepted him? 

Then, I noticed his personal comment:  “Sacramento 1993 – Fifteen years ago!”  The gears of my brain started to turn.

Eric was an exchange student who came to live with my family for a month… in 1993.  We were teenagers! 

My parents, brother, and I have talked about Eric from time to time.  The thing that we remember most about him is that he was impossible to impress.  Everything we did for him or couldn’t wait to have him try was “better in France.”  !!!  It has become a running family joke, actually.  We’re not making fun.  It’s a humorous memory.  In fact, we have very fond memories of this foreign houseguest and are THRILLED to have him back in our lives. 

Thank God for the internet, right?!

Eric, if you happen to read this post, THANK YOU for looking me up!  You have such a beautiful family, and it makes me so happy to see you well.  It would be so great if one day, we could re-connect in person.  I’d love to introduce you to my husband and kids; of course, I’d also love to meet your fam.  It’s been fun catching up; I hope to do it some more!   May the Lord bless you, and please say “hi” to your parents from us.

I believe that God puts folks in our lives at certain times for a reason.  Sometimes, the reason can be obvious.  Other times, we may never find out what the purpose of a seemingly insignificant relationship may have been.  I encourage you all to keep your eyes open for opportunities to learn from others, bless your neighbors, or extend a helping hand.  You never know when He is going to re-connect you.

God bless!




7 responses

21 10 2008

Very cool !!!
I know we also had a French gal come several times and I would love to talk with her. I think Erin has connected with her once. She lived in Paris and I believe she married an American. i think you are right, Annie, God puts people places for a season and for His reasons, we just get to enjoy what He does.
We are blessed.

Thanks…great post.
Love, Barb

21 10 2008

I must look up Claus and Karsten and Marzia and Kaspar and all our cool F.E. friends from CHS now! !Me gusta Facebook tambien!

21 10 2008

Steph – I also have Victor Salgado on my Facebook. Exchange student from Mexico, a year younger than me. I think I’ve seen Claus on there, too. So fun!

22 10 2008

Annie, I thought this was a great post! First off, how fun to reconnect – and from France. So cool. Second, I just have to say that last part of your post was very meaningful for me. I couldn’t agree more that the Lord puts certain people in our lives at certain times for a reason (even if we aren’t 100% sure what it is right off the bat). Seeing those words up there in black and white was a reminder straight to my heart from Him today. And I really needed to “hear” it. Thanks.


I am praying for you and your family very specifically, my friend and I am so glad God has placed me in your path. You are a blessing Annie. Hugs.

22 10 2008

That is so fun!!! I have just started using Facebook and its been so much fun!

22 10 2008

I remember him! We all went camping that summer and he came. I had mono. I remember we would play card games and he would win and always say, “I am the champion!”

23 10 2008

A post just for me, thank you for that.
As I told you, those holidays were great for me, even if as most teenagers, I wasn’t abble to say thank you at that time for all the things you gave me. So I can to it now, thank you very much to you and your familly.
Facebook is a great website that allows people to reconnect after years. For good or bad reasons, sometime just to say hello I’m still alive and I remember you, sometime for more, and sometime for nothing.
Anyway I’m glad I could find you to see how great your life has become, and maybe one day we can meet each other for real, to introduce our family, that would be great.

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