22 10 2008


A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces

but also by the men it honors,

the men it remembers.

~ John F. Kennedy

Who do you consider to be the “greatest American hero?”




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22 10 2008

There are the obvious choices of Abraham Lincoln who kept the union together and freed the slaves. Easily one of our best presidents. There’s the founding fathers who risked everything for a greater purpose (freedom and democracy), there are civil rights leaders like MLK Jr. who risked (and ultimately paid) his life for racial equality.

For me, true patriotism isn’t defending America, but defending America’s idea. The idea that we can be a free, democratic people, with equality under the law. All of those above represent the greatest of America’s heroes, but anyone who does the same is a great American hero.

Let me ask, in return. From a Biblical perspective, who is the greatest American hero? Who in American history risked and sacraficed the most for God and his people.

22 10 2008

Kenny – I agree with your idea of patriotism. Well said.

As for my own answer; sadly, I don’t have one. Although I am quite patriotic, I’ve never been much of a history lover. I was actually hoping to learn a thing or two from these comments! My motive is uncovered.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment! I hope I get a few more…

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