24 10 2008

I found these quotes by Henry George, and I thought they were appropriate during this election year:


He who sees the truth,

let him proclaim it,

without asking who is for it

or who is against it.


Let no man imagine that he has no influence.

Whoever he may be,

and wherever he may be placed,

the man who thinks [votes]

becomes a light and a power.


Brody posed the question to his readers:  Are you going to vote?  The comments are thoughtful and real.  Thankfully, it seems most of the answers are YES.

No matter what your opinions are about the political campaigns going on, the war, the economy, local concerns, or anything else that the media has shown you, I want to encourage you to exercise your privilege to vote.  We are blessed to live in this country where we are able to have that voice.  Despite so many contrasting views on the issues, we have the freedom to prayerfully cast ours on a ballot.



I haven’t heard/read one sound reason NOT to.

Have a nice weekend!

God bless.





4 responses

24 10 2008

Those are great quotes.

24 10 2008

Thanks, Sandy! I thought so, too.

24 10 2008

Amen, girl !!!!
Love you, Barb

24 10 2008

Amen! I couldn’t agree more Annie.
Have a blessed weekend.

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