Happy Birthday, Ry!

28 10 2008

My husband doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday (which works out well this year because I am out of town).

Birthdays remind him that he is getting older, and he’s not ok with that.

Well, hon, all I have to say is:  you’re only as old as you act.



I love you!




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28 10 2008
Aunt Gracie

May I be the first to wish you an extraordinarily HAPPY birthday Ryan! I, too, am not a big fan of birthdays. I think my dislike of a celebrating a “special day” on one’s birthday comes out of my discomfort of being “singled out” for unwanted attention by friends and family. I try to make every day a special day and celebrate the people that I love by telling them as often as I can remember. So, may all of your days be blessed and always remember that Jesus loves you. Yep, you are the apple of His eye. And your Oregon family loves you, too! XXOO Aunt Gracie, Uncle Larry and the tribe

28 10 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Ryan~ Seems like yesterday at the Bellamy’s spa in the freezing cold acting like dumb crazy teenagers! Sometimes I still feel like that crazy teenager, then I get a body ache and realize….We are getting OLD!

Hope you have an awesome day and another Blessed year!

28 10 2008

i luv my daddy!

28 10 2008

btw, that waz ryvre

i got this bcuzz, well, i dk but i just tried to type one in and it just kinda’ worked.
i luv my daddy<3

28 10 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Ry! I miss your goofy ways! Hope it’s a great one!

28 10 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!

28 10 2008

Actually this comes from Poppa and MeMe….We still remember the little boy that brought so much pleasure to his Poppa ane MeMe, the funny things you use to do…having Mal reminds us so much of you at his age and I still love how you use to think everything was so funny and you would laugh showing, even giggle, showing those big white teeth that just sparkled. Don’t ever lose that beautiful smile, it’s so heart warming to see the gentle person you really are, loving and kind and most of all you are extrememly polite and respectful, a quality, so many people lack.

God has something very special for you…be open to His leading, you have a wealth of experience to share, experiences, when shared could help a multitude of those who yet search for right living. I am so thankful for God’s protection that has surrounded your life.

Have a Happy B’day, we all love you, and wish for you, all the joys, comfort, and blessings that life has in store for you.

How blessed we are to share with you, your special day, a special day for us when GOd blessed our lives with you.

Love Always, Poppa and MeMe

28 10 2008
Matthew J. (DAD)

Wow, I remember 32 years ago…………. I cried in front of several people. I wasn’t even embarassed, it’s because…… My 17 year old level Joy and happiest out shined my boyish ego. You were born! I was thrilled and overcome that God had found favor in your mother and I. You were amazing to see for the first time. I stared at you for a long time. My heart still feels the same things about you. It is amazing. I found myself staring again at you just the other day. Fortunutely you did not notice. I love you Son. God has blessed our whole family because of you. Remember that! Be a continued blessing Son and God will continue to bless you.

P.S. I’ll try not to stare.

28 10 2008
Nicci Pascuzzi

Happy Birthday Ry!

Growing up you were like a big brother always teasing me. But when I needed someone to be serious, you were the first to be there. I love ya Ry!

Annie…great pic to use for this too! Great memories, thanks for coming to our halloween party.

29 10 2008

Happy Birthday!!! You’re getting so big. I hardly recognize you.

29 10 2008

This was great. I loved reading all the comments from people who love your hubby. It was so very sweet.

Hope your b-day was awesome Ryan.

God Bless and Keep You

29 10 2008

what in the world is in his nose? my husband hates bdays too….no fun

29 10 2008

RY, I think I can describe it best. 9 months 9hrs and 8lb 11 1/2 oz later you were born. every pain of every contraction worth it all to hold you and to this very day I can still say its been worth it all to have such a great son that I can still hold and look at with great joy and pride. You are very special in many ways God knows what hes doin with you and I sit back and watch. Ry, I’m not real big on the getting older thing either,but we can always look at it that we are not getting older were getting better. I love you Son so very much stay as sweet and kind as you are .Mommy

29 10 2008

Hey Couz!
I didn’t realize it was the 28th until today when my “today” mail showed up as “Oct 28th” 😦 Forgot to call Drew yesterday and wish him a Happy Birthday too 🙂
So, I hope your day was WONDERFUL and, don’t worry, after all these years, you’re still not as old as me, so, you must be doing something right 🙂
love you and hope you have a blessed year in 2009!
Yoiur cousin, Emily

29 10 2008

Hey Ryan have a great birthday

29 10 2008

Kate (and anyone else who was wondering) – It’s a Halloween prop. A finger!

30 10 2008

happy birthday!

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