Rain Clouds

30 10 2008


They are coming back, and I am so excited.

I just returned home from observing a drill at Dow Chemicals.  They simulated a chlorine gas release from a rail car.  Smoke bombs were set off for a visual.  When the first responders arrived (fire fighters), they began shooting their powerful hoses way up and over the source of the leak.  Water showered down over a large area.  It was quite a sight to see.  There was even a rainbow!  The idea is that the water brings the chlorine down to the ground.  It keeps the gas cloud from getting away and pulls the pollutant right out of the air.

God does the same thing for us when he sends rain!  Those drops actually clean our air.  I love that.  

I look forward to the cleansing tonight and tomorrow.  I look forward to the sweet smell of fresh air.  I look forward to breathing easy.

God, thank you for the rain. 




8 responses

30 10 2008

that is a really great picture!

I didn’t realize that rain cleaned the air. Interesting…

30 10 2008
Michael Nease

I miss the rain. I don’t think it has really rained here since earlier this year, but I absolutely love how it clears the air of the polution that LA knows so well.

Send some of that rain down our way when you’re done with it. 🙂

Great photo btw!

30 10 2008

Yeah !!!. I am going to make soup and stay in. I may just sit and a window all day and thank the Lord for the rain….

Love you, Barb

30 10 2008

Great picture. Did you take it?

30 10 2008

I can’t take credit for the photo, but I could probably walk down the road a bit and take one just like it! Looks like home, which is why I picked it.

30 10 2008

I want rain so bad :o(

2 11 2008
Shawn Bashor

It is a good lesson in understanding the rainy parts of life and the cleansing that comes out of those storms I suppose.

5 11 2008
Jon Lloyd

That’s an incredible pic!

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