Celebrating Halloween

31 10 2008

I’ve always had mixed feelings about this “holiday.”  I don’t like celebrating evil things, and I do believe that the origins of this day are evil.  I also believe that evil things happen, traditionally, on halloween every year.  It makes me not want to acknowlege it.  Dressing up in costumes, carving jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating…  All of those things give attention to the significance of the day.

The church often seems to provide the “alternative” activity of a Harvest Festival, or something like that.  I don’t see anything wrong with this, but why can’t they do it on another day?  Perhaps some do…  I don’t know.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this holiday makes me uncomfortable.  Every year.

This is because I have lost the battle in my family over whether we participate.  It’s become traditional for us to go trick-or-treating with cousins; we always have a good time.  We carve faces into pumpkins at my parents’ house.  We attend our friends’ fabulous costume party.  Every year, we do these things.

So, my focus has been to enjoy the time with family and friends, to be thankful for that time – not concentrate on the holiday itself.  I still struggle, but that’s just the way it is.

How do you feel about Halloween?  Do you participate? celebrate? ignore?

I’d love to know!




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31 10 2008

I don’t see Halloween or it’s origins are evil. The name Halloween actually means “All Hallows Eve” or the evening before the Holy Day (All Saints Day). The Catholics sorta adopted the holiday from the Irish, but the original traditions of the holiday remain.

The actual traditions of Halloween come from the Gaelic festival of Samhain. Samhain was certainly pagan, but I don’t know if I’d call it evil — but it was certainly un-Christian. 🙂 But then so are the traditions of Christmas (most of our traditions of Christmas have pagan roots).

I don’t celebrate the evil of Halloween, but I do enjoy the dark themes — as fun. Skeletons, ghosts, etc. I find it innocent fun, like watching a scary movie.

31 10 2008
Raquel TWG

I agree that Halloween’s origin are evil, indeed.
I do know many Christians, though, who still take their kids trick or treating, not to “celebrate Halloween” but just for fun. Sort of how you do it with cousins.

When I was younger, my mom never let me trick or treat, although I’ve never shown interest in doing so. I would even skip school on Halloween all the way though elementary school because they would always have a Halloween party/parade.

My church usually holds a harvest fest on Halloween, which I have been going to for a long time. Kids can dress up if they want to but I’ve never dressed up. I don’t need to wear a costume to have fun, ya know?

31 10 2008
Michael Nease

Annie, I think you’ll like this article on redeeming the arts:

Colin Harbinson: “Redeeming The Arts”

I think it pertains to days like Halloween, and highlights ways that Christians can redeem days that are traditionally and historically “pagan”. Besides, November 1st is historically “All Saints” or “All Hallowed Day”.

31 10 2008

I grew up trick or treating, and going to the school fall festival. That is just kinda what we do too. It doesn’t bother me, and I don’t think about it too much. I don’t like the ultra scary stuff and don’t understand people that go all out in that way, but dressing up is fun, and so it trick or treating.

31 10 2008

I agree with you, Annie. I have always had a very hard time with it. Also, when I look back over my life, there have been some very upsetting things happen on or about the day. I don’t like it at all. But also, I have lost the battle and will be with my family when they do the things they choose. i am always uncomfortable about it. when the kids were younger, we did not celebrate it at all. We took them out of school, went to Apple Hill and came home and had soup and watched a movie. I hid candy around the house, so they had the same candy as the kids the next day at school. That was it.
Love Barb

31 10 2008

Barb, it’s nice to have somebody who understands! As it worked out, we are not going trick-or-treating afterall. We figure we’ll just get some candy tomorrow (when it’s all on sale)! But just a little…

31 10 2008

I feel the same way you do, Annie. I know all about the evil origins of Halloween, and ever since I found out about the horrible things that were done back then, I’ve never felt comfortable taking any part in this holiday. I tried resisting participating for a while, even handed out tracts all about it, but like you say, found it to be a losing battle. So I finally gave in to where I am at least willing to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids who come to the door trick or treating.

31 10 2008

It’s my favorite holiday. I still dress up every year ( ihope to have my facebook pics up soon, Salami – Meet the Jetsons!). I love coming up with the costumes and the creativity that goes into every year. My whole family dresses as a theme. We go to the harvest festival at church for a few hours, come home to trick or treat the cul-de-sac and then hand out candy for the last 30 minutes or so.

1 11 2008
Jeremy Burch

I agree with you Annie. I don’t like Halloween. Yesterday at work, everyone dressed up. And they were all upset that I wouldn’t. It has nothing to do with not liking to dress up. There are several pictures out there of me I’d love to get back (once I dressed up as a Geisha girl). But why dress up on this day, with its history and meaning? Sure, people have forgotten the origins of Halloween, and many don’t celebrate it with that in mind, but it does allow people to focus on witches, demons, and evil tricks.

I too must admit I lost the battle with my family. Last night, Caleb went as a bumble bee with his cousins, and we trick or treated in Auntie’s neighborhood. I will say, that he was the cutest bumble bee in the world, ever!

1 11 2008

Jeremy…..You were raised with that as were our kids. i remember!!!
You were raised right!!!!! Ha. Times change. The Lord knows our hearts…
Much love, Barb
I bet that little guy was cute…

3 11 2008

I hate scary stuff..growing up as a kid we never celebrated and we went to these (Sorry) very lame church parties that felt like an extension of sunday school only we all had to wear these very boring costumes…angels or shepherds..if someone was David they only way to know was a sling, but many of the characters were hard to distinguish…the costumes were just not as fun as being a cheerleader or a fairy, you know? My son has only had 2 Halloweens thus far and one of them he slept right through and couldn’t have cared a bit, but I loved seeing him dressed as a pea pod. I think, like most things, it is what you make it. So we make it about fun costumes and parties with friends. We went to a very cool (yeah!) Church party that was open to the community and promoted fun times with good morals to boot.

On the way there, though, I saw some little kids dressed in bloody masks and I remembered what I don’t like about what a lot of people make of it.

Its definitely a coin that I can see both sides of.

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