PPT – Jesus

4 11 2008

I know Jesus doesn’t need any “building up” from me.  Today, however, I just need to praise Him for his great love.  I’ve been following THIS FAMILY’S STORY, and I’ve shed a lot of tears over their situation.  (Especially yesterday, which I think is why I have a headache today…)  I beg the Lord to keep my children healthy, and I hurt so much for those who’s kids are suffering.  My prayer for this family is that they will find the ability to rest in Jesus, see His face through the pain, and extend His great Love to others.

God, give them hope.

God, give them peace.

I’ll be singing this song in my head all day.  Join me?

I’m satisfied by Your love so completely.  How could I thirst fo rthe praises of man?  There is nothing I need that You haven’t provided.  No one could offer me peace like You can.  Jesus, Your love is enough – sufficient for me.  All that I’ve needed, You’ve given for free.  Your love is enough; I don’t need man’s applause.  I know what I’m worth – I remember the cross.  I’m sustained, oh Lord!  When Your light surrounds me, the world goes away.  I’m sustained, oh Lord!  My heart knows Your love like it flows through my veins.  Such peace and contentment, I’ve found in Your grace, I can’t think why I’ve ever complained.  You love me; what more could I want?  I’m sustained.

~Danny Donnolly

God bless.




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4 11 2008

That is just so sad. I know God loves us and He is in control, and in retrospect I have always been able to see how He works things out for good and for His glory even though it may not have seemed that way at the time. And yet I still can’t help wondering why this precious child had to go through so much torture, and his family be given false hope that everything was looking good, and then almost immediately things are so bad they can’t do anything more for him. He didn’t even get to enjoy a short time of remission. I have been praying for them ever since I went to the link.

4 11 2008

Praise God and thanks for sharing for HE IS our constant!

5 11 2008

Thanks for sharing…will be praying for them

5 11 2008
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6 11 2008
Annie Parsons

Thank you for praying for them, and for getting others to do the same. It’s hard to believe that sometimes, our absolute worst nightmares come true. I don’t know that I will ever have the answers while here on earth…

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