Creative Christmas Shopping

10 11 2008
What the heck?

What the heck?


Every year, I draw up a spreadsheet to track who I plan to get gifts for, what I’ve decided to give them, and whether I can check them off.  It is a necessary thing.  I cannot do it in my head anymore. 

I’ve gotten more creative over the years, and I no longer need to spend hours at WalMart or the Mall, looking for something that a particular family member might appreciate and use that falls within my budget.  (The only kinds of shopping I actually enjoy are catalog ordering and thrift stores.)  We usually tend to go with a lot of hand-made stuff, ebay purchases, and gift cards.

Recently, the powerful message of this video, posted by Kat, really impacted my thoughts on gift-giving.  I am trying a little bit harder this year to minimize our spending on presents and give extra to the poverty-fighting organizations that we support.   

Still, I have my list.  I haven’t knocked any names off of the spreadsheet.  But  I am not trying to impress anybody with my gift-giving, either.  And I refuse to spoil my kids, like a lot of people do.  (Christmas is not about them.)  Gifts are an expression of love.  I’ve developed the habit of picking up items all year long and saving them for birthdays and Christmas gifts.  I love doing it that way, and it’s easier on the family budget.  Per the spreadsheet, I am about 80% done with Christmas gifts at this point.

Now, I just have to wait until December to start wrapping… (I love that part!)

Are you doing anything different with gifts this year, given Kat’s video and/or the drooping economy?  How do YOU keep it all organized?




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10 11 2008

We’re broke. We’re trying to dig ourselves out of a mountain of debt. X-mas gifts will be at a minimum this year. I’m looking at cheap alternatives. I get excellent discounts at Zondervan and Harper Collins through my work, so I may gift a lot of books. I can also get decent deals on DVDs.

As for donating instead. I’d rather donate throughout the year. Christmas is for sharing gifts with family and friends. I’ll likely participate in some charity gift giving event through my church, but my focus will be on exchanging gifts with people I know.

10 11 2008

is the above picture a hint to your secret santa??

10 11 2008

Not sure what you mean, but NO…

11 11 2008

That pic – too funny!!
I know what you mean about keeping the gift stuff under control, I agree.
I wanted you to know I am praying for you and the family.
Also, I am tickled to have a specific to add to my prayer about the housing – a pantry Lord, a nice big, walk-in pantry! 🙂

Hugs friend – Melody

11 11 2008
Shawn Bashor

Where can I buy that? That is awesome. I wanna buy it for Melody!

12 11 2008

Shawn, if you really want to know… !!!

12 11 2008

Those toys are awesome. Every year we have a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange with my wife’s co-workers. Those would be right in with their taste, sadly!

13 11 2008
Shawn Bashor

40 flippin dollars for two stuffed bodily functions… what the heck!

21 11 2008

Love the pee & poop stuffed toys – where do people come up with this stuff???

23 11 2008

Ali – perhaps all the other ideas have already been taken! ha!

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