12 11 2008

Well, I told you to stay tuned

My friend and I talked, and we decided together that our dear diabetic kitty’s suffering must come to an end.  Unfortunately, both the cost and commitment of treating her disease are too high for us to pay.

Poor cat cannot walk normally, and when she sits down, her back legs slide out.  She tries to bring them back in, and she ends up thumping them on the floor like a rabbit.  That can’t feel good.

She is hungry all day.  She’s been eating regular senior cat food, which is full of carbohydrates that her body can’t even use for energy.  Her large water dish has to be filled a couple of times a day, and her litter box…

Oh, her litter box!

I want to gag, just thinking about it.

So, Friday is the day.  I will take her in, and I will cry.  But I am glad her discomfort will be over.





9 responses

12 11 2008

that is very sad, but I agree that is the right decision.

I’m sorry you have to go through this.

12 11 2008

that last comment was me.. I was logged in as Brody, he must’ve been using my computer!

13 11 2008

oh, Annie. I am so sorry. I agree with Kristin that it is the right decision for all including the kitty. I’ll be lifting you up Friday. love you so.

13 11 2008

Sweet Annie – I’ll be praying for you. And I too, agree you have made the most loving and compassionate decision. Hugs to you.

13 11 2008

It is so sad, but you have made the right choice for Elizabeth. Do you want me to come with you Friday? I would be happy to come if it would help. Love and prays for you, Ryan, Rvyre, and Mal…Mom

13 11 2008
Shawn Bashor

That’s sad…I’m kind of bummed for you.

14 11 2008

hope today wasn’t too sad for you

14 11 2008

Not the best day ever… But I know we did the right thing. I never expect it to be so hard to say goodbye to a pet, but it always is. Thanks, all, for the support! It really does help.

On goes life.

2 04 2009
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