Monday Perspective – hope

17 11 2008

Transitioning from a busy weekend into a busy week…

Thanks to all for your kind support as we said goodbye to another family pet.  It was bittersweet.  I took my 3 year old son with me this time, and I think it allowed him to understand a little bit more about death.  He was adorable, as he pet the kitty’s head on our way out and said, “Bye Elizabeth.”  Yesterday, he mentioned out of the blue that he misses Elizabeth… and Cedar.  So now, I think he gets it that they are in the same place and we won’t be seeing them again.  Good life lesson.  Sweet boy.

On a positive note, yesterday we spent the afternoon with our landlord/real estate agent looking at homes.  We found a couple of them that we are interested in putting an offer in on.  We try so hard not to get our hopes up, but it’s always very exciting to imagine the possibilities!  I am hopeful that 2009 is our year.  It would be such a blessing to own a home in Auburn. 

Of course, there is also the part of me that actually PREFERS to rent.  Not being responsible for maintenance and repairs is nice…  But we’re trying to be open.

Our first choice from yesterday’s hunt had the most amazing view.  Here’s an actual shot:




The photo doesn’t do it justice, though.  You’ll have to come over, if we get this house!

What are YOU hopeful for today?




5 responses

17 11 2008

I’m hopeful in my God who is bigger than my problems. I am hopeful because He has orchestrated all of it and will see me through to the end. I can’t say yet that I am resting in that – I want to – but I am still in the tears and fears of this recent trial. But I am hopeful…
He is my hope and my deliverer.

17 11 2008
Melody Milbrandt

Oh Annie. That is exciting! And what a view.
I am still prayin’, prayin’, prayin’ about the house. I just know the Lord has a wonderful plan for you all. Hugs to you.

17 11 2008

Beautiful Annie…
I am hopeful for the Fall coming soon…..

Love you, Barb

17 11 2008

Hopes are sometimes quickly dashed! That house has some issues that would prevent us from getting a loan on it, but we’re still thinking about our second choice…

18 11 2008

That is an amazing view. Too bad about the problems, but good luck in the hunting!

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