I need Africa.

24 11 2008


Mocha Club.

Ever heard of it?

Check it out:  www.mochaclub.org.  It’s this cool organization that offers the opportunity for us to make a real difference by giving up just two mochas a month!  A $7 committment goes toward a worthwhile project in Africa. 

I think most of us can affort that.

Africa.  What types of images does that word conjure up in YOUR mind?  For me, I imagine an expanse of undeveloped wildland.  Animals, like nothing I can see here where I live. Beautiful trees and grasslands.  The way God made it.

I also know that God is there, among the people.  Many Africans are living in His Joy, experiencing His Love, spreading His Peace.  My mom and my father-in-law have seen this first hand in Kenya.

Of course, Africa has it’s environmental issues and social problems, but I long to go there to witness the other side.  I know I’d be changed profoundly.  I know I would want to go back.

Do you feel me? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  (Or, if you have a blog, write a post about it!)  The Mocha Club is taking up a new cause to change the image of Africa from pity to partnership.

Come back on December 1st to learn more…




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