My Mini Me

7 12 2008

So, lots of people think that my daughter looks just like me.

What do YOU think?





8 responses

7 12 2008

She sure does–minus the glasses.

7 12 2008

yep, you are both pretty! Plus, same eyes, nose and mouth!

8 12 2008
Melody Milbrandt

What do I think?! Wow! You are both beautiful! I love this picture.

Hope you are enjoying this blessed time of year. It can get so busy and crazy with all of the hustle and bustle of the season. I pray the Lord gives you some moments of peace and quiet to reflect on the glory of Christ’s birth and all that it means. I have been thinking about you and your wonderful family. I am still praying for each of you. Oh, and also for your house (and that walk-in pantry).
Hugs to you Annie – Melody

8 12 2008

I think: TWINS!

Beautiful twins. 🙂

8 12 2008

Um. East Nasty is me, Annie Parsons. How am I logged in as East Nasty? Sorry. 🙂

8 12 2008

I do think she looks like you, BUT it always amazes me how much of Ryan I have always seen in her, also.

8 12 2008

She is actually a pretty even mix of Ryan and me. I guess it depends on who she is photographed with!

Thanks for all the sweet comments, everyone!

8 12 2008

I’ve always thought she looked more like Ryan, but in this pic she looks a lot like you; same nose and mouth. :o)

I can’t wait to see you guys!

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