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15 12 2008

I think it’s obvious that I haven’t had time to blog lately…  I haven’t even been checking in very well with the blogs I read.  I miss them!

This time of year is always so BUSY, as if the rest of the calendar isn’t filled up enough.  December always thinks she needs to make up for it.

Here are a few of the things that have been on my plate:

The Towne family, of course.  It sounds cliche to say there are no words, but there really aren’t.  My heart is so tied up in what this family must be feeling.  You can sense a lot of it in their journal entries, but I’m betting they also feel that words don’t suffice.  I hope you are praying for them with me.

Getting all the Christmas gifts wrapped and cards mailed – this is mostly fun with a pinch of stress.  All the gifts are piled up on our dryer, which has been planted in the living room.  Yes, I said our dryer is sitting in the living room.  Allow me to explain.  Just over a year ago, we moved into this house.  The very same weekend, my brother and his fam also moved.  To our dismay, we discovered that our gas dryer could not be used at our place.  Likewise, David’s house had gas hook-ups, and they had an electric dryer!  So, we traded machines – easy fix.  Well, my brother just moved again.  Now, he’s got electric hook-ups, so we had to surrender his machines and take ours back.  I love my machines, so I’m happy to have them, but we had to find an old substitute dryer to use until we move again.   (Thank you, Craigslist!)  The good one has now become living room furniture.  Our home is beginning to look more and more like a college student’s apartment.

On top of that, the house is probably the messiest it’s been since we moved in.  It’s really frustrating.  I am begging my cohabitants to pitch in, but I haven’t seen any evidence that they’ve heard me.  You know that commercial about drug addicts, where they are screaming out the word “HELP!” but it’s like they are on mute?  The cold weather makes all of us want to curl up in blankies and watch movies, play video games, or read books.  I admit, I did that most of yesterday.  But the house must get clean before we leave!  God help me.

Oh yes, the cold weather.  It snowed yesterday!  I always feel like snow is such a gift.  A blessing from above.  It’s beautiful to watch, coming down.  We didn’t get enough to leave a blanket of any thickness, but I’m still thankful for it.  The rabbit has taken up residence in the corner of the laundry room, since it’s too cold now for her to be left outside. 

How long are rabbits suppposed to live, anyway?  I think we have the Energizer bunny on our hands.

I received an awesome ornament in the mail from Cassie Graves.  It’s an Elvis one!  Love it!  Since I cannot seem to figure out how to locate/contact Cassie, I’ll take the slim chance that she might visit my blog, and use this opportunity to say THANK YOU!  Those of you who did not join Kate McDonald’s Great Ornament Exchange…  you missed out.  So fun.

Oh, a couple of paragraphs up, I mentioned leaving…  We’re heading up to Oregon for Chrismas next week.  We’ll get to spend some time with Ryan’s fam up there and then some time with mine.  I’m really looking forward to getting away.  Since the radio in my car is moody, and the cd player doesn’t work, we’ll have to get creative about road-trip entertainment!  Your ideas are welcome.

Tomorrow, I get to spend a day learning how to drive an ATV.  The cool part is, I get paid to do it.  Amen, Lord.  Lovin’ the job You gave me!

If anyone is still stopping by to see if I have anything new to say, thank you, and I hope you are well.  I’ll try to be better about posting…

God bless.




2 responses

15 12 2008

I like looking for license plates and making a list of how many states I saw during the trip.

My grandkids like a game where you have to find a thing (out the window) that starts with the letters from A-Z (jn alphabetical order). First person to get to Z wins. Then sometimes they play it from Z-A.

You could also take along a battery operated CD player.

16 12 2008

Annie – I, too love the snow. We have had a good bit and are gettin’ more right this very moment. Kids are all home for another snow day and I just adore it. So fun! I thought your line about “a college student’s apartment” in regards to the dryer in the living room was too funny. 🙂 I did the Great Ornament Exchange too and thought it was… well, uh great! Ha. I hope Kate has it again next year. I am excited for you all and your trip to Oregon. I will be praying for health, fun, safety, and joy for you all! Have a blast driving the ATV (man you have a cool job). Isn’t God good?! Enjoy your holiday season my friend.
Hugs and prayers from Missouri – Melody

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