2009, off with a bang

4 01 2009


I was in a car accident at 1:15 am, January 1, 2009.  It wasn’t my fault, and alcohol was not a factor.  Just a pure accident, damaging two vehicles, but no people.  Thank God.

The bummer is that I think my “new” VW is totaled.  It’s sort of like de ja vu, no?  And I really liked this car!

In a couple of days, an inspector will come out to assess the damage and make a decision about the settlement.

Please pray with me that the guy that hit me doesn’t decide to try to change his story and abandon fault.  At the scene, he was extremely apologetic and admitted that he didn’t look before pulling out of the gas station.

In other news:

Ryan’s best friend and his family have been in town from Utah.  It’s been nice to catch up.

Two young ladies at my church had a divine appointment with the Almighty this morning.  I was all teared up to see them go forward and accept the Lord into their hearts and lives.  I love new sisters.

Ryan is taking me to see KEVIN COSTNER and his band Modern West for my birthday!!!  Oh, I am so excited!  The Kevin Kountdown is officially on:  13 days…

It’s time to start hunting for a good pre-school.  My son is ready for it.  Is my paycheck?  Gov. Schwarzenegger is threatening me with a 10% pay cut starting next month, so we’ll have to figure out a way to make that work.

At the same time, we are determined to save up some money for a down payment on a house.  It’s looking like we’ll stay put until that happens.  And I’m ok with that.

All for now.  God bless 2009.




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4 01 2009

I would LOVE to hear about your Kevin Costner concert experience! I live in Oklahoma and have tickets to see he and Modern West on Feb 3rd. CAN’T WAIT! You can e-mail me at KickButtBooks@aol.com. Thank you and God Bless you and yours!

Sincerely, Pamela

5 01 2009

I’m so sorry about the way the year started, but what a blessing that no one was hurt. So maybe sorry isn’t the right word. Hope the concert is all you’re expecting and more, and is part of a very happy birthday!

5 01 2009

I am so sorry that happened, but I am glad that everyone is okay!

5 01 2009
Annie Parsons

I’m so glad that you weren’t hurt in the accident, but let’s get down to the REAL news…

Kevin? Costner?? I know that he’s, like, twice my age, but LAWD that man is attractive!!!!! I expect a full blog report.

(Also, I REALLY AM glad that you’re okay. And I’m so sorry about your beloved car!)

5 01 2009

I’ve had my share of car bang-ups. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at bulldogging the insurance companies to get them to cover what the car is worth, and not just a cehap and quick settlement.

Enjoy the new year!

5 01 2009

I’m so sorry to hear about your car! That’s very frustrating. I will definitely be praying that all goes well with the inspection.

So you get to see Kevin Costner on your birthday the 9th of January?

5 01 2009

Ha ha, Em!

5 01 2009

Annie – I am so very glad to hear no injuries occured. Praise the Lord! I am asking His hand over the whole situation and praying specifically about the inspector, your job changes regarding pay cuts, and staying put to nest up that down payment. You have such a blessed attitude about it all. I commend your faithfulness and spirit of peace and gratitude. God is showing such fruit in your life girl!
Hugs to you – Melody

5 01 2009
kristin d

I am so sorry about the accident! What a bummer. I will be praying that he stays with his story and is honorable. Fun news about the concert. I’m praying about the budget stuff with the state. Every time they talk about the budget crisis I think about you and your job. Finally, we have a pretty cool preschool that just started at our church. You should check it out. It is pretty neat and very well priced. I love to hear what is going on in your family!

5 01 2009

So glad that nobody was hurt in the wreck, the Lord was watching over you it seems! It’s always exciting when people give their lives to the Lord, that’s great for those two ladies!

I also share your excitement of Kevin Costner & Modern West! I’m getting to see them four times in six days starting at the end of January and going through February! I can’t wait, love Kevin! I live in Oklahoma like Pamela as well and am going to the Wormy Dog too to see them perform! I can’t wait to hear all about your concert!

Best wishes in saving money for a new house. It’s great that you’re content with what you have, but good to look forward to something else also! If the Lord wants you to have it, He’ll make a way!

6 01 2009

Pamela, Annie P., and Misty ~

As Annie has ordered, there will be a full report on the concert HERE by January 19. Stay tuned!

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