Another Christmas gift feature…

10 01 2009

Last night, the kids wanted to make brownies.  How convenient!  I had just picked up a box of brownie mix that was on sale for $.99, AND I have a brand new brownie pan that I got for Christmas from my parents-in-law.

Edge Brownie Pan

Edge Brownie Pan

I love the edges.  And I must have mentioned this to my mother-in-law.  I’ve seen this pan in the Sky Mall catalogs (LOVE those!) many times, and I’d always wanted it.

And I’m impressed.

So were the kids.


Are you an edge-lover?  or do you like the centers?

Kevin Kountdown:  ONE WEEK!




5 responses

10 01 2009

I’ve never seen one of those before, but it looks very cool. I bet it also makes it easier to cut the brownies.

11 01 2009

Centers for me.

11 01 2009

I’m all for the centers!

11 01 2009

First – Your kids are so beautiful!!!
Second – I have GOT to be told where I can buy or order one of those pans for my mom! She loves the edges and when I make her brownies I cut around the edge of the pan for her pieces. She would absolutely flip over that as a gift. If there’s any way you can let me know how to get one that’d be awesome! 🙂

12 01 2009

centers – just barely holding together! cool pan! Mal looks even more yummy covered in chocolate – my goodness he’s a cute kid! And Ryv is WAY too grow’d up! Stop it at once! 🙂

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