Stats Suck Sunday

11 01 2009

Ok, I’m going to try this, Brody.

*  Today, we went to “Grandma’s church.”  I got a hug from Barb.

*  Malachi was making faces at Uncle Nik during the service and cracking people up.

*  I started Blankie #2 last night.  I’ve been crocheting a LOT lately!

*  I bought some really cute wrapping paper for next Christmas (75% off – woohoo!).

*  We looked at some used cars yesterday, but we still haven’t gotten our settlement from the Passat.  Hoping that comes soon, so I can have wheels again!

*  Malachi is watching Wow Wow Wubbsy.

*  We’re having dinner at Becky’s tonight.

*  My shoulders hurt.

*  I started reading The Shack a few days ago, and I’m on the part where he can’t find his daughter.  I don’t know if I can handle this book…  I’m scared to go further!

*  My house is a mess, but the dishwasher is running.  So, that’s something.

*  We have a TON of hot wheels in our house.  Watch your step if you come over.

*  I get to see Kevin in 6 days.

(How’d I do?)




3 responses

11 01 2009

About the Shack… I said the same thing at that part. Just push through that, it takes a turn in a way different direction soon!

Hope you get a car soon also, that would be rough!

11 01 2009


11 01 2009

Oh yes I agree with Kristin. Do not stop reading. You can do it. Take a “cry break” if you need too, but don’t stop. It is an incredible book and will stretch you and bless you – truly.
Still praying about the car, too. Let us know how it all turns out ‘n’ what you end up getting and such.
Hugs – Melody

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