A year of canceled plans…

15 01 2009

So far, this year  has been marked with change.  It seems like every time a plan is made, it gets canceled or postponed.  I believe that God is in control always and that these plan changes are probably for my good (or the good of somebody else).  I guess it’ll be a lesson in patience…

The Modern West show is no exception to this pattern.  Kevin Kanceled.  I don’t know why.  I did hear a rumor that he had a baby on the way, so maybe that’s it.  If so, I would sure hope the tour would be postponed for this purpose!  But I am just speculating (and giving my celebrity boyfriend the benefit of the doubt)…

We’re holding our tickets, which are good for the rescheduled gig in April.  Don’t worry; I won’t Kountdown until then!

In the meantime, we need to decide if we want to still go away for a quick weekend to Reno or get our money back on the room reservation.  We’re leaning toward going anyway.  We still have a place to leave the kiddos.

In unrelated news, I am just over halfway through The Shack, and everyone was right.  It does get less painful!  I really didn’t think I was going to be able to go on at one point.  I’ve cried a LOT.  It’s hard to put this book down (even for someone who rarely reads for pleasure).  I find myself using every 10 minute break in the class I am currently taking to get a little further in the story.  The class?  Legislative Bill Analysis.  I know.  You’re probably wondering why I wait for the breaks.  It’s actually a pretty good class, and I think it’ll be a really great skill to have…  All that to say, thanks to those who encouraged me to keep reading.

Have a great Thursday!

God bless.




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15 01 2009

Sorry to hear…

I actually wanted to comment, because I wanted to respond to a ‘theological’ argument you made in your post. You said, “I believe that God is in control always and that these plan changes are probably for my good (or the good of somebody else). ”

I have to say. I think, I completely disagree with you. I also believe that God is always in control, because he is sovereign Lord, but I’m not a fatalist. I don’t believe “everything happens for a reason.” In fact, I know that things happen that God does not want to happen. There are many examples of this in the Bible.

Every person is a free agent, which means God allows for free choice. Now, of course, if those choices interfere with a sovereign plan, I think He steps in, but I don’t (and can’t) believe God is behind all events, choices, and actions on Earth.

Otherwise, God is to blame for rape, murder, genocide, etc. Does He allow these things to happen? Yes, because we have freedom, but does He want or will it to happen? No. God detests sin.

So while I can’t say it with 100% confidence. I’m pretty sure God was not part of canceling Kevin’s concert.

15 01 2009

@dodgingcars. I beleive you and Annie are kinda on the same page.
Your arguments seems a little confusing to me, however. On one hand you say God is in control of all things and allows horrible things to happen and yet on the other hand hand you say He plays no part. Which is it?
Thanks for reading this in the vein it was intended – merely a question of clarification.

15 01 2009

I’m so sorry the concert got cancelled. I know how frustrating that can be because more often than not when I try to plan ahead things wind up getting changed, canceled, or postponed. But I do agree with you 100% that God is in control, and there is a reason, even if we can’t see or understand it at the moment.

15 01 2009

Oh sweet Annie – I admit I was disappointed for you on the Kevin news girl! Yet, you still have such a good spirit about everything overall. And I am so encouraged by you and your sincere faithfulness, how you always remind us in your own special way of what the bible says in Romans – that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. You sure bless me.

Also, so glad you are sticking it out with The Shack. Btw, I cried boatloads. 😉

15 01 2009

I don’t always word things quite as I mean them. About God being in control, I wasn’t saying he was “behind” the concert being canceled. Or to blame for any sin in the world. I just know that even when things happen that have a negative effect on me, I believe that God will take that thing and make something good come out of it. Does that make sense? And it might be something good for someone other than me, and I’ll never know about it. Cool with that. I like His mysterious ways.

I just found out that the author of The Shack is coming to a nearby church on my birthday! I’m totally going to be done with the book by then and am definitely going to hear one of those services…

16 01 2009

Kevin kanceled? Krazy.

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