Blessed on my Bday

26 01 2009

(Rrrrr!  I was almost done with writing this post when WordPress decided to lose more than half of it!  So frustrating. )


OK.  Wow.

Yesterday, I was totally blessed by William Paul Young (Paul).  This man has the most miraculous testimony I’ve ever heard.  He is living proof of God the Healer.

I sat in an auditorium of thousands, standing room only, and this was the third service of the morning.  Parking was horrendous.  They even had to open up a gym for the overflow; they got to watch a taping of one of the previous services.  All this for a man who never intended or expected to be an author at all!

So, a little bit about his story…

Paul grew up as a missionary kid in New Guinea.  His young parents were so focused on “doing God’s work” that they ended up neglecting and even abusing their own child.  Paul spent most of his time with the cannibal tribespeople and didn’t even realize that he was a white person until he was old enough to be shipped off to boarding school. His childhood was filled with sexual abuse.  In his own words, by the time he was six years old, he’d become a “predator.”  Can you imagine?

Paul endured 38 years of living in guilt and shame; he survived by becoming a performer, covering up his “crap” with a layer of perfectionism.  He explained how we all keep our crap in our shacks, which we always tend to paint differently, depending on the visitor.  He warned us about living with secrets.  Paul was suicidal more than once.

God stepped in by giving Paul a friend in a counselor that was able to walk him through a process of forgiveness and healing.  I believe his name was Scott.  Paul was finally able to destroy the facade he had created for his life and sort through all the crap.  It was a painful but freeing process that took nine months to complete.

Little did Paul know at the time, Scott was dealing with a meth-addicted son.  He later confided in Paul that he would gladly give his own life to free that son.  One day, there was a confrontation going on in front of Scott’s house.  It was his son and a woman who had been a major contributor to his problems.  Scott went outside and told them that they needed to leave his property; then he turned and walked back up to the front door, went inside, and slammed the door shut.  He was not aware that his son had been right behind him.  Angry that the door had locked him out, the son began to bang against the door with a gun.  The gun accidentally went off.  Scott was shot through the heart.

A short time later, Paul wrote the story of The Shack.  Its intent was for his children to have imagery that would help them to see who God is and how life happenings fit into His Plan.  The story was passed around among friends and eventually encouraged to go out for publishing.  As many of you know, this book quickly became a best seller and has been translated into over 30 languages.  Paul is bombarded with emails from people whose lives have been touched by the story.  One such email came from a woman who wanted Paul to know how his book had helped to bring forgiveness and healing to her family after he oldest son had accidentally shot and killed his father!  It was Scott’s widow.  She didn’t even know that Paul had been one of Scott’s patients.  God’s Powerful Love, full circle.

Well, as it turns out, Paul is not only a gifted speaker and inspring writer; he can also sing.  We were blessed at the end of the service when he picked up his guitar and delived a beautiful tune.  It was a song he’d written for his son, when he left home for college.  “Anchors Away.”  About letting go.  About having hope.  About trusting the Captain to guide their ship safely.  I loved it. 

If anyone is interested, Paul’s talk will be available online later this week.  I highly recommend watching/listening.  Especially if you’ve read his book.

God bless.




5 responses

26 01 2009

Oh did I need to hear about his story during this time in my life right now Annie. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying for my Jade.
Bless you~Melody

27 01 2009


27 01 2009

Thank you so much for sharing his testimony annie. I so wish I could have gone. His book has had a powerful effect on me. I am so glad you got to be blessed by him on your birthday. love you.

27 01 2009

Thanks for sharing his testimony. I have read The Shack, but had no idea about any of this.
Happy (belated) birthday to you!

27 01 2009

…and of course, he tells it much better. I just wrote what I could remember. I hope you’ll all make some time to watch/listen online when it’s available. I’ll post something when it’s up.

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