30 01 2009

…in bullet points:

~  I am hoping that today is the day my settlement comes in the mail.  I need a car!  My bro-in-law has been kind enough to give me lots of rides lately, and I very much appreciate that. 

~  Ryan’s cousin is due to have her TWIN BOYS any day now; I am so excited!  They’ve been in there for 38 weeks.

~  The Governator won in court yesterday.  I’m getting a significant pay cut, starting today.  Ideas for cutting the family budget are welcome…

~  Yesterday, I spent half my day cleaning up my desk at work.  Man.  I can sure accumulate clutter well.  Feels good to get organized.  Now, I just need to do it at home!

~  People are criticizing Jessica Simpson’s weight.  I think she looks great.  Not sure about her taste in jeans, though.

~  I am starting to really miss having a cat.

~  I am also missing several of my girlfriends and long to spend some time with them.

~  Ryan and I decided to buy fishing licenses this year.  He’s going out to the delta with his brother and Erin‘s husband this weekend to hopefully catch some stripers.  I look forward to some family outings.

~  My daughter’s class went to China Town, SF on Wednesday, and she came home with two big bags of “flat fortune cookies.”  They’re just circular wafers (unfolded).  Alrightee then.

~  I want to start reading another book; any suggestions?

~  I think I recently spilled a secret I didn’t know was a secret.  Tummy is queezy about that.

~  Paul Young’s talks are now available online:  (The service that I attended was the 11:15.)  I am going to check out the Q&A sessions tonight!  I encourage you to set some time aside to watch.  It will bless you.

~  God is good, and powerful, and knowing.  I would never wish anybody else to be in control of this crazy life!

Lord, thank You for Fridays!  Hope everyone has a good one.




2 responses

30 01 2009
Annie Parsons

I’m secretly such a fan of Jessica Simpson. And yes, the girl looks good. Bad clothes. But fab body.

Hilarious about the fortune cookies!

30 01 2009

Cutting expenses – Hard, but effective. Get rid of cell phone, replace with pre-paid. Hope and I barely use our cells, and really only have them for emergencies. We save a lot by not having 2 cell phone bills. Our pre-paids cost us about $0.10 a minute or so.

Cut cable. We did this for about 6 months. Saved us about $250-300. If not more. We’ve since got Verizon Fios, which upped our monthly bills by about $35. When without cable, we used the internet to watch a lot of stuff.

Write out all your expenses. Or look at statements… or whatever. Find out where some of your biggest spending is and try to reduce. We’re still trying to do that. Our biggest expense after rent and debt is groceries.

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