Snow Day!

13 02 2009

This is what I woke up to this morning…


No work.

No school.

I just LOVE the silence of falling snow and how it piles up so delicately on each branch of the trees.


We don’t get a lot of snow in Auburn, but we’re usually blessed by one or two blankets of it every year.  It doesn’t last long.  Most of it is melted away already.

But I am thankful for the beauty of this morning!  And time at home with my family…




6 responses

13 02 2009

Makes me miss home so much! Mom said she woke up to almost 4 inches!

13 02 2009

I just ran into your mom at Starbucks, like 10 minutes ago!!!

13 02 2009
Great-Granny Grandma

It does make the trees look so pretty.

13 02 2009

Lucky!! I had so much fun when we went to the snow for Christmas. It’s beautiful.

14 02 2009

that is so fun!

19 02 2009

i have desperately wanted to see some snow this winter… NONE! I think this is the first winter my whole life that i have not had snow to play in! H

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