15 02 2009

Stats can’t suck anymore today than they did yesterday, I suppose…

But here goes!

*  Last night, we had a huge party for my dad-in-law’s 50th birthday.  I was surprised at how many people there were in attendance that I didn’t know!  Good times.

*  This morning, we had our brother, Pasor Harun, speak to us at church.  He’s amazing.  God is amazing.

*  My house is never clean.

*  It’s okay that my house is never clean.  Mostly.  I’m trying.

*  I tried a new product in my hair this morning called “Be Curly.”  A coworking friend gave it to me because it didn’t work in her hair (not curly enough to begin with).  I think I like it, but it’s too expensive for me to keep buying.  It’ll have to be used sparingly and for special occasions!

*  Malachi is watching “Little Bear.”  Cute show.

*  Ryvre spent the night at the in-laws’, so she’s not home.  When she does return, we’ve got some work to do in her room.  Did I mention my house is never clean?

*  Ryan just informed me that, for the next five and a half hours, I do not have a husband.  Then, he disappeared into the bedroom to watch the Daytona 500.  Whatever shall I do?

*  Tomorrow is another holiday, so whatever I don’t get done today, I can do then!  God, help me not to procrastinate with that in mind!

God bless.




2 responses

15 02 2009

haha… no matter how much time I spend cleaning, my place is never clean either…mystery of life!

16 02 2009

Little Bear is cute.

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