PPT – Cousin Esther

24 02 2009

Ok, so this woman deserves some kudos, everyone.

Meet Esther, otherwise known as “Ryan’s hot cousin:”

I think she's 39 weeks with the twins, here.

I think she's 39 weeks with the twins, here.

Esther and her husband Chris just had their first two babies.  She carried them so well and for SO LONG!  Her belly got huge, but she always looked great.
The boys were born at home.  Hunter came first (the smaller one), and Mason came a few hours later.  Both head-down.
I see the FB updates about snuggling, laughing, and getting very little sleep.  Not a hint of complaining, though!  I think Chris and Esther are on Cloud Nine.  These tiny brothers are blessed to have wonderful parents; I can already tell.
I don’t think Esther reads my blog, but just in case:  Congratulations, Cousin!  What a fantastic blessing you’ve been given.  I cannot wait to meet your little guys in person, but thanks for keeping the family involved through the internet!  Now, get some rest…
God bless.



4 responses

24 02 2009

congrats, they look so sweet…

24 02 2009

Oh wow! What a strong woman to be able to carry them as her first 2 children! They look adorable! ^_^

26 02 2009

Bless her! First because her belly looked like that and second because she has twin boys! WOW! H

3 08 2009
Lance Cassidy

A great belly.

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