Cutting down flowers…

26 02 2009

I have a small collection of plants that I’m growing on my kitchen window sill.  I bought these adorable starter kits at Target for cilantro, sunflower, and lavender.  The first two have sprouted.  The lavender is lagging.  Thankfully, I have extra seeds that I’ll be planting in bigger pots pretty soon.

The other little “sap” that I’m caring for in the kitchen is my Venus Flytrap.  I bought him at Grocery Outlet for $4 last summer.  I didn’t think it would live very long.  To my surprise, this plant has continued to sprout new “leaves” and eat the bugs we feed to it!  It’s pretty cool.

Well, I think it was about a week ago that I noticed a different-looking stem, coming up from the center of the plant.  It had buds on top.  Flowers!  My first thought was ~ how cool ~ I wonder what they’ll look like…


The other night, I got impatient.  I looked them up online:


I also found out, in my research, that it is NOT a good idea to let the flytrap flower!!!  oops.  According to this page:, if the flower stalk has gotten to be 12 inches long, you are screwed better off letting it go and trying to pollinate it for seeds.  Once it flowers, the plant will be sluggish for at least a year and may not even recover.

Glad I read that.

My stalk was about 10 inches long.

I hope I wasn’t too late!

Anyone else have a carnivorous plant?




2 responses

27 02 2009

Negative. We had one a few years ago (that I think we got at G.O., too!) but it died. The girls liked making the leaves close though…. Hope it works out!

28 02 2009

Venus fly traps creep me out.

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