Monday Perspective

2 03 2009

Times are getting tougher.  The evidence is all around.

Families are moving in together, so they can stay afloat.

The Grocery Outlet is crowded, and thrift stores are booming.

Crime is rampant.  Identity thefts, robberies, SUICIDES…

I read this article today, and it broke my heart:

I wish I could help more.  My time and money are so limited.  I know many others feel the same way.

Today, I am feeling incredibly spoiled just to have a warm, dry house; food in my cupboards; clean, running water; and a full tank of gas in my car.  That is a LOT!  It really is.  And my heart is overwhelmed with thanks to the Lord for His provisions.

No complaining from me today.




3 responses

2 03 2009

I hate to sound like an alarmist and I think I’m usually not, but I’m actually very afraid that things may get much worst. I think it’s possible we could hit a 2nd Great Depression. I just read today that the Dow fell below 7000, the lowest it’s been since 1997 (12 years), that AIG posted a 61.7B 4th quarter loss — the largest loss in corporate history, that the Fed already has $30B ready to make sure they don’t fail, because there is a real fear that if AIG fails it would cause a domino effect leading to worldwide economic catastrophe. And while some people are mad that the Fed is bailing out these bad corporations for acting badly (and they did!), that if they don’t it could mean every suffers immensely.

And.. I didn’t read this from some extremist website. This from NPR.

2 03 2009

I feel the same way, Cuz. The end (read: upturn) is not yet in sight…

2 03 2009

There are many out there calling for the government to allow the banks and big corporations to fail as it is the natural consequence of their bad business decisions. But according to a quote I heard on NPR yesterday (could have been Bernanke, could have been Buffet), if we allow that to happen “no one will talk about the Great Depression anymore, because this will be so much worse.” That is frightening. But I have a God that is bigger…like you, Annie, I am so thankful for what I DO have!

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