Monday Perspective

16 03 2009



I don’t mean to sound cliche, but TIME FLIES.

It seems like every year goes by more quickly than the one before.

Watching our kids grow up and move from grade to grade…

Watching our friends’ kids grow up (sheesh)…

Noticing our bodies as they age (eek!)…

Seeing the number of candles on our birthday cake grow…

Witnessing the astonishing rate at which technology progesses…

Observing the changes of the seasons, which seem to occur overnight…

My encouragement to you is to enjoy this day.  This very moment.  Use it in such a way that you bring glory to the King, bless your neighbor, and grow in spirit.  You will never have another chance to re-live right NOW.  So, don’t waste it!

Before you know it, the thief that is time will steal it away.

Will you remember today?  Will someone you love remember today because of you?




2 responses

16 03 2009

my little one turns two next month…. and I keep thinking about how everyone told me how fast babydom would go..and boy were they RIGHT!

17 03 2009

Too fast, indeed.
My firstborn turns TWELVE next month.

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