What’s in a name?

18 03 2009



We’ve all heard the creative celebrity baby names that have been plastered all over the news…

Moon Unit






Prince Michael

I used to like it when Jay Leno would feature crazy last name combos that get put together in marriages.  Pretty funny!

I have an old high school friend whose given name is Jennifer Enefer.  And I worked with a lady named Ima Holden-Romeo.

Today, I read this:  http://apnews.myway.com/article/20090316/D96VAND81.html

Do you know anybody with an interesting or humorous name?  Not to make fun, of course…




5 responses

18 03 2009
Raquel TWG

Well my pastor’s name isn’t really that funny, it’s just very unique. He was named after a female scientist. Haha. His name is Rollo [like the candy] Albaladejo [or something like that] Casiple [kuh-sih-plee]. He’s the best.

18 03 2009

Michael knows a girl named Jessica Butt, she ended up marrying a guy who’s last name is Locke. The newspaper announcement said something about the Butt-Locke wedding. It was actually featured on Leno’s show for the headlines.
My old youth pastor knew a girl named Crystal Shanda Leer.
Oh! and don’t forget on the movie clue, the actor who played Mr. Body was Lee Ving.
One more, Victor Ree..a professor at Biola.

Other horrible celebrity baby names I have heard are:
Pilot Inspektor

19 03 2009

When I was growing up I knew a Day family. They named their kids Sunny, Wendy, and Stormy.

19 03 2009

Randy’s parents actually considered naming him Barry Bush. I don’t know that I would have dated him. And with the last name bush, there are plenty of fairly crude, and sometimes funny options.

19 03 2009

I just wanted to say thanks for the comment today! I appreciated it! H

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