Stepping out in faith

25 03 2009

It’s really not like me to answer an ad like the one I posted below…

First of all, I am paranoid of strangers.  Is this a scam to rob me?  Am I taking the bait in a scheme to steal my identity?  Is someone fishing for a sucker to earn the trust of, only to take advantage of them in the future?

Like I said, paranoid.

However, there are times when God says, GO.  Am I right?

Last night, I loaded up my car with three kids, my sister in law, and three bags full of food, and we headed down to an area that I don’t go to often.  I don’t know anybody who lives there.  Thanks to Google Maps, I didn’t get lost.

I’d emailed back and forth with this lady in need; we’ll call her “Candy.”  She said that her kids like lunch meat and chips; they just needed some snacks to get the through the end of the month.  Candy didn’t mind if I just pulled up in front of her address and honked my horn.  (Remember, the paranoia? ha ha)

We did just that, and a teenaged boy came out of the house, looking unsure about who we were and why we were there.  I asked him if Candy was there, and he said that she was at the hospital.  Hmmm.  So, we explained to him that she had been expecting us and that we were just bringing over some things that we hoped the family could use.  The boy opened the chain link gate at the driveway, and we handed over the bags.  He thanked us, and my sister in law asked him to tell his mother (Candy) that we said hi.

It was as simple as that.

The encounter was only slightly awkward, but we both felt strangely normal about doing it.  You know?  We’d never done anything like this before, but we just knew in our hearts that we were called to help these neighbors who live 30 miles away.  It felt good ~ and normal.

I don’t know if anybody else answered her ad.

Candy sent me a message last night, thanking me, and explaining that she had to take her daughter to the hospital after she’d tripped on a computer cord at school and sprained her ankle.  All I could think was, God, does this mean she now has a medical bill to pay?

Today, I just want to thank the Lord for handing me this opportunity and trusting me to show someone His Love.  Even our small gestures give Him glory, you know.  Don’t let those holy nudges go without responses.  Be His Hands.  Be His Feet.  Reach out.

And please send up a prayer for Candy, today, if you would.

God bless.




3 responses

26 03 2009

Annie, you are an inspiration! We should all try to live our lives a little more like you.

26 03 2009

Noel, you give me too much credit. (Glad you’re inspired, though!)

I really felt called to help, and I would hope others would have done the same thing.

27 03 2009

Sounds like everyone was blessed. May He be glorified by the the overflow of His love through you to Candy!

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