Monday Perspective

30 03 2009

Today, it’s easy for me to have a positive perspective, despite it being MONDAY…

It’s a Furlough Monday for me.  Sure, I’m not getting paid today, but I also get to spend time with my family.  That’s worth more than a day’s pay!

I’ve also been extra positive lately because we have some exciting family news…  In case you’re not my FB friend, we’re expanding!  God has blessed us with a new life.  We cannot wait to meet him/her in another 7 months or so!

In the meantime, we have some goals to focus on:

~  getting into a bigger home

~  training our son to sleep in his own bed

~  enrolling said little boy into pre-school


~  saving up as much vacation (and furlough) time as possible, so I can have a decent maternity leave.

On top of that, it’s a beautiful spring day, and I plan to spend some time outside.  I’ve got plants to re-pot and a porch to clean up.

If it gets too windy outside, I’ll come in and work on finishing Baby Blankie #4 2009; the shower is coming up on Sunday.

That’s my Monday.

Tell me about yours.  How’s your perspective?




3 responses

30 03 2009

you are a busy girl!

I’m so excited for you with baby #3.

You sure do make those blankies quickly.

30 03 2009
Great-Granny Grandma

Congratulations! How exciting.

1 04 2009

Congrats Annie…How fun….Love seeing you at church…Hope to tomorrow.

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