3 Year Old Grief

2 04 2009

Well, I’ve had the Monday Perspective all week… How about you?  ha ha

Today is my Friday.  I only had two days of work this week, which I could definitely get used to.  Next week is spring break for my daughter, but I have to work all 5 days! 

I am excited about “Ressurection Sunday” coming up.  My pastor calls it that, and I like it better than Easter.  The word Easter, for me, just makes me think of bunnies, and eggs, and candy.  The ressurection is such a foundational part of the Christian faith.  I don’t think it gets celebrated with quite the enthusiasm it deserves.  Can you imagine how Jesus’ loved ones celebrated, after grieving His loss for three days?  Oh, to have been there for that!


My little boy is having a difficult time with the idea of death and loss right now.  At 3.5 years old, his comprehension is limited.  His sadness, however, is full.

If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while, you know that our family has had to say goodbye to 3 pets within the last 12 months.  First, there was Cedar.  Then Elizabeth.  Finally, Sunday night, it was Sage’s turn.

Sage was our black rabbit.  We had her for over 5  years.  We took her in from a friend who couldn’t keep her anymore.  I think she was about a year old at that time.  Sweet animal.  We’d let her out in the grass to frolic when the weather was nice; she would never go far from the house.  I could be sweeping the deck or gardening, and Sage would be hopping around or basking in the sun nearby.  We always brought her inside during the coldest and hottest days, and the kids liked feeding her carrots out of their hands.

I think she had a heart attack.

Ryvre was instantly in tears.  Malachi cried, too.  Then, last night, I think all of the pet loss really hit him.  He went up to his sister’s room and asked her where her turtle was.  (We gave her turtle away to a good friend with a nice pond about two years ago.)  Don’t ask me how Malachi remembers that turtle, but he was hysterical when Sissy told him it was gone!  He sobbed and sobbed for about an hour, crying out how much he missed Sissy’s turtle and wanted it back.  We tried to comfort his young, grieving soul, but he was inconsolable. 

It broke my heart.  Having no pets is not good for my kids.

As we look at moving this year, we’re not thinking that RIGHT NOW is a great time to pick out a new pet.  But I don’t think I can handle seeing my young one so sad again.  I wonder if a trip to the zoo would help?  Maybe we could find some caterpillars or some other small critter to keep for a while?  Should I just break down and head to the pet store for some fish?  I have an empty tank…

Ideas appreciated!




2 responses

2 04 2009

Awww, that is so sad… and sweet. It’s wonderful how attached kids are to animals. I remember that feeling, like having a friend.

I’m sure with moving and having another baby the idea of getting a pet is overwhelming though!

7 04 2009

Hermit crab?

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