My mom is famous!

9 04 2009

She’s in the local paper today, anyway.

Downtown Auburn is hosting an Art Walk, featuring galleries full of local creations.  My mom is a wire sculptress.  She makes beautiful things out of metal ~ one, continuous piece of metal, shaped by hand. 

This is the piece that made the news:




It’s called, “Life Outside the Box.”  That’s my mom, in a nutshell.  She’s imaginative, analytical, and great at coming up with solutions to life’s problems.  I love her stuff!

I only wish I’d inherited a hint of her artistic ability…




8 responses

9 04 2009
Kenny Johnson

Tell her congrats! I love that piece.

9 04 2009

So beautiful! Her work has changed so much from the Victorian Christmas Fair in Grass Valley, and yet still expressive and thought provoking! Love it! Can’t wait to have my very own Carol Bellamy original!…one day!

9 04 2009

I was very surprised to get a phone call today at 7am from a good friend who saw my piece on the front page of the local paper. It’s exciting to me when my art gets recognized. This piece is called Life Outside the Box. I have learned to live outside my box by stepping out in faith beyond my comfort zone. Short term missions trips and exploring a trail I’ve never been on before are examples. It enriches my life and sometimes touching others with help and some humor too. We all need to smile!
“Thank you, thank you, veeery much” (Carol has left the building!)

10 04 2009
Great-Granny Grandma

Love it.

10 04 2009

What a beautiful piece. How neat to see it featured in the paper, too.
Sure have missed you and your lovely blog Miz Annie. So very happy to b back.
Many hugs and congrats on the expectaion of your new arrival. I was like, “Wow and Yea and Praise God!” 🙂 I will be adding that to my prayer list along with the house for sure. So exciting!!!
Also, I will be praying for your little guy in the loss of all the pets over the last year. It is so hard to watch our babies learning about death and loss and grief. Sounds like you are handling things very well. What a wonderful parent you are.
I pray you and your fam enjoy this coming Resurrection Sunday immensely.
Hugs and prayers to u ~ Melody

11 04 2009

That peace is really awesome. I love it!! She never ceases to amaze me!! Is she keeping it or selling it?

11 04 2009

arg. spelling correction piece. there. forgive me!

11 04 2009

I am pretty sure it sold. It was part of a contest called, “out of the box,” where each artist was given the same sized box to make their art out of. At the Art Walk, there were bidding sheets next to each piece. I’ll have to confirm with Mom, but I’m pretty sure hers is probably gone!

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