Costner and Birthdays

30 04 2009

Sorry for the delay.  I’ve been headachy and unmotivated to blog, lately, even though I HAVE to tell you about the wonderful night that was April 24th!

It was great being able to take the kids to Reno with us and have them stay with their cousins.  Malachi, especially, had fun with cousin Joe Joe.  The two of them are like peas in a pod, even though they don’t get to see each other very often.  For the first time ever, our son CRIED when we showed up at the door to pick them up on Saturday!  He was DISAPPOINTED to see us!  Weird.  And thanks again to Kate and Chris for having our kiddos over, even though it was Kate and Joe Joe’s BIRTHDAY on Saturday.   I’m glad they had a good time together, while we got to have our much delayed date with Kev…

I paid for the “cheap” seats, which were $60.  Ouch.  So, we were way off to the right, but only one row back.  Silver Legacy’s Exposition Hall is not that big, so the stage was actually quite close, plus we had two big screens in front of us.

We were two of the youngest people in the audience; that’s for sure!

The show started with a montage of Kevin’s films.  He’s been a a LOT of movies!  I realized that there are a bunch I still have to see.  I do have my favorites, though:  Tin Cup, Bull Durham, The Post Man, Upside of Anger…  Anyway, after the movie medley was done, Kevin made his entrance from the back of the hall.  Unfortunately, his route took him down the aisle on the LEFT side of the room, but we could see him shaking hands and hugging fans on his way to the stage.  I told Ryan that our seats were on the wrong side!

Kevin was humbled at the crowd and our response to his presence.  Everyone was on their feet screaming.  It was great.

Music was good.  I like original stuff.  Two songs that stood out to me were “Backyard” and “Southern Rain.”  Backyard is about those men who collect cars that they one day plan to get running again and race.  Really cute song.  And, you know, since I’m into NASCAR now, I loved the sentiment.  Southern Rain is about angels coming down to take up the souls of fallen soldiers and carry them home.  It was a touching moment in the show that brought on another standing O.

During the last song, the band members were waving us up to the stage, so we jumped at the chance to get closer.  Rather, I jumped, and dragged Ryan with me!  We got right up to the front.  I could have kissed Kev’s cowboy boots, but that would have been gross.  It was hard to get good pics because of the stage lights, but  we tried.  And after the song was over, the band stood together and took a bow.  Kevin stayed out on stage to greet each fan that had their hands in the air.  I thought that was cool.  I grabbed onto his hand after he’d given Ryan a manly hand shake like two old friends that hadn’t seen each other in years (ok?), and I held onto it while his other hand shook with two or three other people!  Yes, people, I was starstruck.  I admit it.

It was funny because later, in the ladies room, women were gabbing about how they TOUCHED him.  These are my girls!  And I joined in, right after WASHING THE HAND I’D TOUCHED HIM WITH – oops.  Well, sorry, but hygiene, you know.

Saturday, we took the kids to Scheels.  A mall of a sporting goods store, complete with gigantic fresh and salt water aquariums that you can walk under, a deli and fudge shop, a ferris wheel, and lots of other fun things to do.  Followed that up by blowing $20 at Circus Circus and headed home, exhausted.

Good trip.

Good show.

Thanks, Kev.

Modern West

Modern West

See how close we got?

See how close we got?

Also, a shout out to Ryvre, today.  It’s HER birthday!  She is a big 12 year old.  One more year until the teens!  Help!

God bless.




5 responses

30 04 2009

Glad you had fun ! Hope you can start feeling better soon. Happy birthday to Ryvre

1 05 2009
Grace Powers

Annie, that is an awesome story! So glad you got to meet the Kevster. That’s what I call him. I was really mad at him when he dumped his wife a decade ago, but I’ve forgiven him now. I wonder if his wife has? Have you seen Waterworld? That is one of my favorites, although I don’t think it did so well at the box office. Postman is my second favorite. Tell Ryvre Happy Birthday from the whole entire Power’s Family in Oregon!!! We love you guys.

1 05 2009

I liked Waterworld, too. You’re right though, it didn’t do well!

2 05 2009

So glad your postponed trip was worth it! Sounds like you guys had a blast! Well-done on the hand washing!

4 05 2009
Melody Milbrandt

Oh this post was so fun to read Annie! I am happy you got to go and had such a fun time! And I hope Ryvre had a great b-day!
God bless and I’ll be prayin’ you feel better and better and get to enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

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