This sad blog.

5 05 2009

I find myself not only spending less time on the computer (because I need more time sleeping) but also spending a bigger percentage of said time on Facebook.

This is my feeble attempt at producing a new post without anything in mind.  From scratch?  Does that work for you?

So, if you’re not my Facebook friend, you might not know that we had a big slumber party over the weekend.  Nine tweens.  Thank God it wasn’t TWELVE, like I expected!  Twelve year-olds are very loud, and my in-laws’ house echoes a lot, which doesn’ t help.  It was raining all evening, into the morning, so they had to stay indoors.

Half of them came with cell phones.

The rest of them hovered around the computer.

All of them were talking to boys.

Times have changed, my friends!  I recall many a slumber party in my youth.  We played truth-or-dare, watched movies, had handstand contests, steamrolled each other in our sleeping bags…  No doubt we made some noise.  These girls did none of those things.  Well, ok, they did watch two movies… OUT OF THE FIVE I RENTED.  Thank you, Red Box, for the cheapness!

Aside from breaking the house rule (yes, one rule was too much for them to obey), the party was a success.  Half of them actually slumbered at some point.  The birthday girl was not one of them.  There were no fights.  Nobody got kidnapped.  We all enjoyed pancakes and bacon for breakfast and went home, exhausted.

I think I’ve just about caught up on my sleep at this point.  Thanks for all of your prayers.

Ryan just asked me if I’m blogging about Dom Delouise (because of the title)!  ha ha

I’m looking forward to AI tonight ~ anybody watching?  I think it’s pretty obvious who the BEST singer is this season…  And a public “thank you” to Raquel TWG for being so careful not to reveal too much in her Facebook status.  She gets to watch it hours before I do!  Love ya, girl.

We have plans to see a whole bunch of family on Mothers Day, which I am very much looking forward to.  Some of them, we haven’t seen for years!  Anybody else have big plans to celebrate?

Anyway, if anybody is still coming by to read this sad blog ~ thank you!  It means a lot, and I will try to do better on posting.  Even when I have nothing to say.

Here are some pictures:

Tweens making brownies!

Tweens making brownies!

Opening gifts...

Opening gifts...

A birthday hug from Uncle David.

A birthday hug from Uncle David.

God bless!




5 responses

5 05 2009

what was the house rule?

6 05 2009

No food or drinks in the living room.

Less than 5 minutes after Dea and I went to bed, I heard a lot of giggling. When I went back in to check, they had the whip cream aimed that their one sleeping friend (on the couch). Oh, was I mad! More so, I was disappointed that they would disregard my mother-in-law’s one simple request, after she’d opened up her home for this party.

They are lucky I caught them before they got themselves into deeper trouble!

6 05 2009
Raquel TWG

Haha. Thanks for the shout out (:
I really try to be a little more cryptic now…it’s just so hard when you’re so into a show and want to vent. Hehe.

7 05 2009

Kudos for survivng the party Annie. Nine tweens inside for hours on end is no joke! 🙂

8 05 2009

I’m still checking in and am grateful for whatever you can send our way!
My mother’s day plans aren’t grand to my knowledge. If we have plans, I am unaware! (this could be good or really bad!)
That is a busy day at church for us. The team I co-chair (Fellowship) makes breakfast for the entire congregation (biscuits/gravy, pancakes, eggs, sausage/bacon, fruit salad, coffee/juice) before church. During church our children’s choir is performing (my two little cherubs get to sing for me!) 🙂 Assuming we are all cleaned up from breakfast by the time service is over, I hope to get a nap, but don’t think I’ll get to see any family…
miss you much!

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