Alike much?

7 05 2009

I have NEVER…

eaten liver.

been to Hawaii.

had an epidural.

cheated on a test.

had a perm.

been cut from a team.

failed a class.

worn a cast.  (only bone I’ve ever broken is my big toe)

had surgery.

cooked brussel sprouts.


played with a bobcat.

been to Disneyworld.

delivered a breech baby (the natural way).

sung in a studio (backup on a friend’s band’s cd).

held a hummingbird in my hands.

learned how to weld.

been a victim of check fraud.

owned a cat with 23 toes.

eaten a raw quail egg.

ridden the same roller coaster 18 times in one day.




9 responses

7 05 2009

18 times! Wow!
And I’ll be prayin’ this baby cooperates for delivery time. 😉

7 05 2009

been to Boston in the fall?

8 05 2009
Dan Ray

what roller coaster? (sorry for making fun of american idol).

8 05 2009
Dan Ray

p.s. curious george made it big because kids could relate to him (those of us who wanted to always be in trouble anyway).

8 05 2009

Dan ~ the Tidal Wave at Great America. I know, it’s a short one. We went on a day when there were hardly any people there, so we stayed on it for a long time! It was Tiffany Tharp, me, and our dads. Good times.
No apology necessary ~ I thought your post was funny.

8 05 2009

I am alike w/ you on 4 of the nevers, and 0 of the haves.
Kenny is funny. He likes pirates.
Dan is blogging again? Is the semester over already? 😉

11 05 2009

woah, those have-done(s) are pretty impressive! I once got to hold a Siberian Tiger… a few of them were trying to escape from the zoo and me and my classmates noticed so we took them to someone who could fix the situation. They were sooo cute ^_^

11 05 2009
Michael Nease
12 05 2009

anon4him ~ cool story! wow.

Michael Nease – yay! a new post!

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