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21 05 2009



Anyone watch the whole two hours last night???

My husband went online to find out the winner early and promised not to say anything to Ryvre and I, so we could enjoy the suspense.

I thought it was a great show.  Loved Black Eyed Peas, Lionel Richie, and Cyndi Lauper.  Could have done without Rod Stewart…  But for a show that long, when all you are really tuned in for is the END, they did a pretty great job filling time.

I thought all of the Top 13 performances were well done.  Among them, I hope to see Megan Joy, Alexis Grace, and Matt Giraud go somewhere musically in the future. 

Something about David Cook still bothers me, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Tatiana.  Oh, Tatiana!  I’d been ok with forgetting all about that crazy.  She’s something else.

And then, the actual results…

Well, I have to say that I’m on the fence here.  On one hand, I am quite disappointed that Adam did not win.  As the judges say, “This is a singing competition,” and from the beginning, this guy was in a different league than the other contestants.  His voice and creative arrangements are unmatched.  Hands down.  And I can’t help but feel like the winner of the contest should be the BEST singer.

On the other hand, I see how Kris winning is actually better for them both.  Kris is talented ~ no doubt.  And cute.  And, from what I have read, he’s a Christian.  All things that make me like him.  I’m happy for him and the opportunity God has blessed him with.  I am also happy for Adam, that he doesn’t have to release that awful single to start out his career!  It suits Kris better, even though it’s a terrible song (in my opinion).  The way it’s worked out, Adam will have the freedom to sign with whomever he wants, and hopefully, sing whatever he wants.  The Cowell contract would have cramped his style.

I almost turned the tube off angry last night, when they were celebrating Kris at the end.  It’s been bothering me for weeks how they never show him with his wife.  They don’t mention her in his “video bios,” and she’s hardly recognized as part of his life at all.  I sort of wished Kris had taken more liberty to publicly thank and love on her when he had the mic in his hands…  But who am I to say what he should or should not have done?  Maybe she requested to be in the shadows?  Anyway, I was happy to see her make her way to her man at the end.  It was a beautiful embrace, and we saw a close up, during those few final seconds, of how much those two seem to mean to each other.  AI just barely redeemed itself for me there!

Well, those are my thoughts… 

What did you think?

Did the right person win?  If not, who do you think should have taken the title?

Is Cara Dio Guardi a good fit as a judge for the show?  or does she annoy you as much as I can’t stand her?

Was the “Judges Save” a good idea?  or does it even matter?

Are you planning to see the AI Top Ten tour?

The Steve Martin gig…  Huh?

Happy Thursday!




4 responses

21 05 2009
Raquel TWG

Well I only watched the last thirty minutes of the finale, but you probably know what I thought about the results (:
I was going NUTS. SO happy. I’m not saying that Adam is not a good singer, but he’s the not the right kind of singer for my taste and for that competition. I see him on stage in a musical, not in the studio recording a CD. His voice is way too theatrical for my taste and he seems like he’s more about the visual aspects of performing [facial expressions, dancing, flashy outfits, etc.] where Kris is more pure and has the emotional “intimate bond” with his audience like Kara mentioned. Plus, like you said, he’s adorable and loves Jesus! Hehe.

Talking about Kara, I think she’s annoying too. Honestly, I think they should take out both female judges. I never feel like their critiques have much of a point.

21 05 2009
Kenny Johnson

I couldn’t stand Adam. I thought most of his arrangements were terrible. Creative? Yes… but still terrible. I understand his technical abilities, but great technique do not equal great artist. Even great talent does not equal great talent.

And the whole.. “It’s a singing competition” thing is kinda crap too. That’s why they are always telling certain contestants that they need to change their image or their personality.

I wanted the rocker girl to win, personally. Forget her name.

22 05 2009
Raquel TWG

Yes yes yes. That’s what I meant!
Plus, I loved Allison too.

16 07 2009

im still bumbed about adam!

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