PPT ~ 8 Years and counting!

2 06 2009

Ryan and I are on a 4 year cycle. 

We first got together in 1989 (junior high).  That lasted for about 8 months, if I recall.

We remained in contact, though, and I believe it was 1993 (high school) when we had another brief time of “going out.”  I don’t remember how long it lasted or why it ended!

In 1997, we had a baby.  We’d reconnected in 1996 and decided that we were serious this time – no more games.  We’d dated others.  We knew that our friendship could stand the test of time, and we felt like that gave us a strong foundation.  The baby, of course, was unplanned.  (By us, that is.  God is the One who anticipated her and made her!)  I was in college, at this time.


wedding cake


Four years after our wedding, our son came along.  We decided we wanted another child in 2002, but God knew that 2005 was the year.  I think He is orchestrating this 4 year cycle…

Now, in 2009, we are expecting our 3rd (and probably last) child.  So exciting!

I love that God gives us free will, and yet, He always has a hand in our lives.  He’s such a better Planner than I am.  I find comfort in knowing that He has the reigns.  Even when I screw up, He manages to work things out for my good.

Anyway, today, Ryan and I celebrate 8 years of marriage.  It seems like a whole lot longer.  In a good way!  Love you, Ry. 

I wonder what God will do in 2013???

This post is part of Positive Post Tuesday (PPT).




5 responses

2 06 2009

Happy Anniversary!
Still one of my favorite wedding ever!
Love you guys!

2 06 2009

Happy Anniversary! That thing about every four years is crazy! haha..when did you figure that out?

3 06 2009

I know. Wierd, huh? I figured it out this year…

6 06 2009
Great-Granny Grandma

Only saw this post today, so my wishes are late, but Happy Anniversary anyway! And many moire to come!

15 06 2009

I loved reading this Annie (and seeing the pic was fun, too). I hope your anniversary was a great one. I am sure there are many more to come. What a gift that God really does work all things together for our wonderful good – even when the original timing sometimes surprises us.

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