Almost half-way!

8 06 2009

It’s hard to believe I am almost at the half-way mark in this pregnancy…  I’m just over 19 weeks along.  According to, our baby is actively developing it’s senses.  (I HATE using the word “it,” but I’ll have to until next week.)  If you are my friend on FB, you can see my weekly belly shots.  Here is one:

16 weeks ~ hasn't really changed much since then!

16 weeks ~ hasn't really changed much since then!

One of the cool things about this stage is that the baby can most likely hear my voice.  I am consciously aware of that when I am singing.  I love that this young one can hear my worship!  So cool.  Less cool is that it can also hear all the weird sounds my tummy makes, but I guess that goes with the territory of living in the womb.

I’ve been feeling soft movements for a few weeks, now.  Especially after I eat.  The other night, I could even feel the baby kicking into my hand, as I cradled my belly.  Not surprisingly, it completely stopped when I placed Ryan’s hand in the same spot.  Right?  I guess I am the lucky one for now.

I don’t plan to turn this into a pregnancy blog, but I just wanted to share what’s going on…  I’ll probably do that from time to time.  It’s kind of the major thing that’s happening in my life right now!

One thing we are struggling with is NAMES.  Your ideas are welcome and appreciated!!!

Work is busy.

The home hunt is still on.

School is out.

I am so blessed.  I pray that you are, too!




3 responses

8 06 2009

Boy: Nimrod
Girl: Jezebel

14 06 2009

kenny is funny. he has a cool name, just like my husband, but not. ;^)

15 06 2009

Oh what a treat to see this post Annie. I am praying for you and baby #3. Man you are brave asking for name suggestions. That can get pretty crazy quick. Lol. I am so excited for you all and very glad to hear the pregnancy is still going well. Also, that you are feeling good. Speaking of good – may I just say that you are looking fab, too. 🙂 I love how you love this time in your life. God is so good. Thanks for sharing a little bit about it with us. I am continuing to pray for you each as a family, this new transition, and a new house, too.

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